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I've been on a lyric writing roll for the last couple of days and it feels goooooood

List of programs that make me angrier than Microsoft Word:

Any Reddit users out there that could help troubleshoot a voicebank installation? I bought this user Rin/Len in December and I hate that they haven't been able to use them yet

to my first musical project, a collection of songs for my brother's online Pathfinder game he was GMing back in 2016

PSA: Humble Bundle is running a bundle for the next 2 weeks with some digital instruments

how have I spent 25 years on this earth and never heard this 80s banger until now????

as of today I am a quarter of a century old

Watched the first episode of the new Yurucamp and when the campsite theme started I almost cried...... I didn’t know how much I needed this show right now 😭😭😭

so tonight during pathfinder i discovered the "mild panic" emoji on discord and if it doesn't perfectly portray my emotional state for the last 2 years i don't know what does

if you need me i'll be listening to this on repeat for the next week thanks

And finally, my vocalysnth goals for 2021:
- Improve my music production quality
- Release a proper EP instead of just singles
- 100 YouTube subs?

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I'd give all of you a big hug, but I gotta stay 6 feet away, so this toot will have to do.

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That brings us to today: 8 original songs, 59 subscribers, and 1200 total views. That's absolutely nuts to me. I never thought that the music I was making for fun would reach that many of you, but I hope it still does in 2021.

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Back to music: It took until May before I realized I should probably start a YouTube channel. When my second song was done, I made a channel and put my two finished songs there. I remember how excited I was when one of them reached 10 views!

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anxiety and depression mention 

A couple months later, I had a nervous breakdown. Anxiety and depression were getting the better of me, and I didn't know what to do. I'm so thankful to my parents for their support back then and now. I honestly don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for them.

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In January I started messing around with SynthV. I had never written music with lyrics, and I didn't really know what I was doing. But it was the most fun I'd had working on anything in a while, so I stuck with it.

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2020 and the first year of my vocalsynth journey, a thread:

I would sell my soul for a Bluray remaster of Cats Don't Dance

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