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nothing says “don’t answer this phone call because it’s a scamming robot” like getting two calls from the same phone number at exactly the same time smh

ok the new miku amiguru train game is kinda fun ngl

Replacement card came in earlier than expected, so I can buy things again!

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why buy an expensive mouse bungee when you can just tape a paper clip to the back of your monitor

UPDATE: Apparently my new card that was coming in the mail was mysteriously activated, rendering my current card useless. New card is coming in the mail by the end of next week 🙃

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the real struggle of being an overseas vocalsynth producer

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Every single time I try to buy a vocalsynth thing from these foreign online stores my bank's fraud protection gets triggered lol

I don’t know what I did to make this happen but Twitter’s ad algorithm seems to think I speak Spanish. Last time I checked, I knew approximately 4 Spanish words

just got after effects and I have no idea what I’m doing lol

I think this new song is finally done......

when will my internet come back from the war

almost choked this morning while swallowing a pill and i think my life flashed before my eyes, do not recommend

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