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Hi everyone! I'm Daniel and I make vocal synth songs and other music that's often influenced by the chiptune video game soundtracks I grew up listening to. I'm also a huge fan of Rocket League esports, and might have watched an anime or two.

Moved here from, so some of you may know me from there. Also appeared in the Low-Effort Miku Zine that happened a while back lol

Hope my music can put a smile on your face!

I hung lights in my room and I’m totally gonna leave them up after the holidays are over

just discovered that buying it included mp3s of all the demo songs lol

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Considering buying Dex & Daina since they're on sale so I went to the website to listen to the sample audio

...and I straight up listened to the entire duet that's on there because it's so good???? I wanna know who wrote it but I can't find any info :(

deeepiii learns utau, part 2 

Figured out why I couldn't get VCV voicebanks to make noise. Turns out I was just entering the lyrics incorrectly. Progress!

deeepiii learns utau, part 1 

Once I figure out how to get VCV to cooperate I'll probably adjust my notes for it because right now the CV sounds choppy and I don't like it lol

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deeepiii learns utau, part 1 

I figured out how to insert notes and lyrics and all the basic stuff last night. Starting with a simple Japanese cover since English looks like it's a LOT more difficult to do lol

I'm using a CV voicebank because I tried a VCV first but couldn't get it to make any noise? I might've been entering the lyrics or notes wrong but I'm not sure. Still need to figure out where I went wrong

I made a video tutorial for adding breaths to vocals. If you're a user you might find it useful?

Desert Bus for Hope starts in about 5 minutes and it's always a good time

also i'm trying to decide if i wanna put my music up on niconico? not sure how much english language stuff is on there hmmmm

is it time to finally learn utau?

i think it might be time to finally learn utau

🎶 Smooth Romantic Way (ft. Eleanor Forte) 🎶

Poor Eleanor. She really needs a hug after this date disaster.

good news: new song is done

bad news: i have literally no idea what to do for the video

overwhelmed, but in a good way? 

I know I'm posting stuff on the Internet for others to see, but it still feels very surreal sometimes when that stuff is seen. People are actually listening to my music? and they like it???

This homeschooled ball of anxiety still doesn't really know how to react to people sharing and leaving comments on his work ksldjflksjdf

the guy who won the last song contest shared my entry with this comment and i might cry y'all 😭

Here's my entry in the 2021 Hatsune Miku Expo Song Contest! It won't win but now I can say that I made a song with Miku lol

also my tuning skills still need serious work ksdjflsdjldk

downloaded a program to do a backup of my PC's data drive and upon starting the wizard it immediately blue-screeened

guess i'll just do it myself lol

i am making miku's pronunciation a bit clearer the more i mess around with her though, so progress!

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not sure why i'm rushing to get this song done when i have a month before the deadline lol

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