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Hi, I'm Buck. I make EDM Vocalsynth originals. I've kinda been moving away from Vocaloid and more into other vocal synths, mostly UTAU and synthV. I'm also into RWBY and Touhou. I am also brand new to mastodon so F. I am generally known for retweeting a lot on twitter.

An example of my work:

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if clyp had the basic features to match audiomack or soundcloud I'd consider the $3 a month but they still have have absurdly character-limited descriptions so I can't even include full lyrics with my posts LOL

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Oh thats cool I didnt know mastodon let you upload audio clips like this

some dubstep thing i made to test Vital which is a really cool free synth

I had the opportunity to participate in a collab album for dex and diana's 5th anniversary

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Happy birthday Dex & Daina! I have something to show you guys later today in celebration 😉

So are fleets just Instagram stories but for twitter? Or am I misunderstanding the blog post

New video + discord announcement no. 2 - Miku NT testing and vocal synth discussion with

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Sorry about not posting here in a while. I made a short original song for Teto's birthday

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I finally got around to putting more of my own songs on Bandcamp, feel free to download or pay any amount to support me!

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Finally finished this duet I wrote as a gift for a friend! It's between her UTAU and her type of guy 😳

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I remixed @ Circus's "Monochrome" for his upcoming album "Spectrum" (track 12). Super great getting to do it, thank you!
Check the album out when it releases later this month ✌️

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I tried to make a quick & simple guide to understanding where the overlap goes by showing how the consonant look like in a string. That way it's easy to learn why they go where they are put & how to figure out where to put it if you get a sound you don't know.

"what one person can do slowly, 4 people can do also slowly, but less" -linus tech tips

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@buckps18 Double check the terms of the individual vocaloid. Sometimes you might be limited to certain licensed services (ex. avex BIG UP! for AHS vocaloids)

Any tips or recommendations for someone looking into uploading vocaloid music through a distribution service?

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New "Can you guess the vocaloid song?" episode coming soon for this month~

Please share so more people can enjoy the show and have fun with our contestants :D

Link of stream:

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