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hello! i'm azariosc and i just migrated to this instance! i'm mostly known for voicing the utaus maria and mario fuwa, but i also do my own covers and draw! previous known usernames of mine are whatthenaia, 776-chan, nanaro, and azazel.

i call myself a jack-of-all-trades, and i'm currently in the process of getting in touch with the utau community. with that being said, it's nice to meet you all! ^^ i hope we can all get along somehow

what if we all supported each other's content 😳

using twitter to post your own content is very frustrating AUUUHHHHH i hate it

so many new peeps following me now 👀!! nice to meet you all

i've seen some of my fgo moots do this, so why not!! nice to meet you all, i try to play this hellhole of a game actively while trying to be f2p

im more active on the na server, but hopefully i'll make more progress on my jp account ^^

i used to have 1k+ followers on my old acc but i had. bad memories of said account

i hope my art tweet gets some crumbs of traction;;

anyways i hate the twitter algorithm and i wish it was more forgiving but alas it's not

pinning my art tweet so that it gets some traction huhu DONT LET THIS FLOP

oh god i have to register for UNIVERSITY COURSES


ANYWAYS, hi! the name's aza and i post art on a very sporadic basis,, i just stick to drawing my ocs a lot knowing thatll get me nowhere but i like fgo n utau

ive been thinking about my art style recently,, it's that time of the year when i get insecure about it

i havent promoed my comms in a while huh

i wonder if my oc content is more than enough tbh ^^; im trying to get out of my comfort zone slowly

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