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hello! i'm azariosc and i just migrated to this instance! i'm mostly known for voicing the utaus maria and mario fuwa, but i also do my own covers and draw! previous known usernames of mine are whatthenaia, 776-chan, nanaro, and azazel.

i call myself a jack-of-all-trades, and i'm currently in the process of getting in touch with the utau community. with that being said, it's nice to meet you all! ^^ i hope we can all get along somehow

i should. .. set up a checklist of all the ocs that need a ref sheet

[ oc , utau ] maria and mario fuwa's newest reference sheets since i forgot to give them proper ones >:D !!!

full res versions found in this thread

wow its been uh. a year since i started my whole hgw schtick

literally nothing i just think that my parents supporting me in my funny little art shenanigans is .. sweet

hopefully marios ref sheet is done by today ^^

[ dont rt ] mario's ref sheet is coming along nicely

me going to fight the oceanid for the 47385374th time

due fo recent circumstances i am a childe haver

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