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time for a new commission sheet! updated prices and images.
DM or email aureitygonoph [at] gmail for commission inquiries!
commission terms and conditions:

unfortunately i deleted the blog a long time ago or i'd show the posts

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thinking about when i had a tumblr blog that was a spoof of those "just girly thingz" blogs but with utau stuff and i would just post things like "mode 1 usts❤️❤️❤️❤️" "resampler.dll 😍" and sooo many people didn't get the joke and were very confused

i've been pet sitting for my parents but i went back to my apartment for a bit today and saw my baby

hello friends sorry most of my posts on here are twitter crossposts because i am bad at managing multiple social media accounts

utau friends why is everyone talking about recording ai singing data

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