i've had this microphone for EIGHT years. i've only even had to replace the cord twice!!!!!!! this thing will outlive me

no offense but i would rather die than buy a better microphone like i don't understand how some people who only use their microphones for utau can buy $250+ microphones i have no MONEY

i got a new pop filter and put a wind shield on my mic and the wind shield works really well at minimizing the background noise that the sound isolation thing doesn't

Haven’t been able to work on new anta voicebank as bcuz of work schedule 😭😭😭

i recorded something for the first time in MONTHS but of course i decided to do it at 11 at night so its a Soft voice

i was like fluttering my fingers at the beginning idk why

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absolutely lose my mind every time i see that post where someone says anta has a "nice deep voice" like i understand they're saying that they like her BUT anta's voice is not deep!!!! just bcuz her voice isn't super high doesn't make it deep!!!

antas family is done!!!!! Antas younger brother finally has a design AND a new name

did new art/designs for anta and kamino’s little sisters, kasey and kay

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did new kamino art, but he's not getting a new voicebank lmao but anyways the twins

i just did SO MUCH work on my utau site but half of it isn't noticeable bcuz it was like, updating links and shit

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