except its ONLY cevio, synth v, and hard-to-get/paid UTAUs! (because listing my vocaloids would probably be too hard since i have wayyyy too many hhhh)

:cevio: Akasaki Minato, IA English, Kizaki Airi, HAL-O-ROID.
:synthv: Eleanor Forte, Yamine Renri, Chiyu.
:utau: Windows 100, Macne Family, Defoko VCV, literally all of my unreleased voicebanks :")

@akashii_desu I didn't realize Defoko HAD a VCV. That's so cool! (And props on Chiyu! I love the MEDIUM5 sisters.)

@peaches2217 thanks!! defoko vcv is hard to get so most people just make it themselves! (either by splicing her cv samples together or making it from scratch!)

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