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Heyo! I'm akashii. I'm an amateur vocal synth user! I primarily make covers, but I post originals sometimes.

I provide the voice of the UTAU Yuuma Gorou (ユウマ五郎) as well as being his owner/creator! You can find his download and a demo of him here:

I hope to make some friends here! ❤️

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its bopping to sweet devil time bitches 💅💅

if you ever needed a high res image of piko, here u go! 😳😳😳

imagine if crypton had a miku expo concert in Arizona 😳

guess who just decided to make a few music box covers!!! me!!!

ok so lemme explain
i decided to try out making music box covers so tomorrow i'll be working on some!

hazbin hotel, homestuck, other icky sources 

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me: clicks on studio one accidentally
me: go away
studio one: No
me: >:(

how many people here have played project diva arcade? im pretty curious 👀

i CANNOT find a ust for ultimate senpai and that makes me sad bc its SUCH a good song and i Really wanna cover it (id make the ust myself but i am Not good at that hh)

BTW THE TAG WAS STARTED BY @YuPuffin!!! It was so fun sharing how i got into vocal synths!! thank u for making SUCH a great trend!

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one day... one day someone will make a good oto generator and i'll be making so many voicebanks with it that i'll get cancelled

and that's about it!! i obviously got into the synth portion and learned utau, and also got vocaloid! vocal synths have been a part of my life for so long, it's been a fun journey so far! and i can't wait to keep being in this fandom!

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so.. my len obsession started mainly bc of servant of evil, but ALSO because len was a young-ish boy with blonde hair. i was ALSO a young boy with blonde hair (still have blonde hair today) and SO i related to him!! by the time my birthday arrived i had already fully immersed myself into anime and vocaloid! i even found the app Amino (not gonna get into that tho it was a horrible time)

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SO MANY SONGS!! AND IT WAS FUN!!! and then,, i saw servant of evil. i played it, didn't think much of it, then i looked it up, and started listening to more versions. i legit cried that day, i saw the english lyrics and was like "NOOOOO LEN NOOOOOOOO" and there started my Len Obsession

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so now, i like vocaloid, i've heard some more miku songs, and a few other songs (like rin, luka and meiko)
the reason i didn't like len or kaito was "ew i only like girls" (i was //very// not aware that gay people existed) but then.. i discovered that project diva/mirai existed. i BEGGED my parents to get it and when they got it!! i was AMAZED

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