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Preview thread for Sticks & Stones, my Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 album for the 5th anniversary of his release! *

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I'm Kiyoteru Lofe Adlez Dystopia! I love writing music, and these days it's more rock songs. I run St. Defoko's School of UTAU and I'm part of The UTAU Black Supermarket.

My favorite vocaloid is Hiyama Kiyoteru and I organize community collab projects under the group Kaigai Kiyokura.

I also happen to do commissions for music, OTOs of any type, and Japanese DeepVocals.


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Here's a list of my public Discord servers!

St. Defoko's School of UTAU: A support community for helping people learn UTAU, other vocalsynths, or creative skills

Kaigai Kiyokura: For international fans and creators

Arpasing: Share work or get help with Arpasing

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Starting a new manju thread with both Ken and Kiyoteru!
My breakfast this morning is squid fried rice, using last night's leftovers.

I don't want to say it's "bad music" but I really dislike music that's like ten melodies at once and no other elements

Preview 4: Stars

Finally we can calm down and listen to a soft song haha! Based on this original, but using the melody it was always meant to have:

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I have the same singing range as Kiyoteru but I still sound like a girl. What a scam

I think i finally managed to block all of the new accounts *

wait. 7 years is how long he's existed as a character. oh my god

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although if we subscribe to the theory that he spontaneously popped into existence via powerful chuunibyou magic as a fully formed 16 year old, that means he's only existed for 7 years

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crying at how my 5 foot tall manlet of an UTAU is the oldest member of the band

I keep jumping in my seat and clapping excitedly just watching this video about touhou music theory

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If you write doujin music but you haven't listened to touhou music have you even lived

Being that this genre is normally played by full bands, it's helpful to see how a single person would handle it, how the project is set up, and what kinds of workflow and decisions are being made in order to construct an arrangement

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Yuyoyuppe's stream is really interesting to watch, as an aspiring solo metal vocalop

This is the only tool available so far, but I'm thinking of making things like a commercial usage license generator or a diphone reclist generator

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I moved the UTAU voicebank terms of use generator back to the TUBS website where it belongs, and redesigned it!

Preview 3: The Other Eye

This one's a remix of a song I wrote with Sonika back in 2014. You can listen to the original here:

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personally though lol my voicebanks are gonna be free to download with a purchasable commercial use license because of my own quality standards... i don't plan on investing that much into vocal work tbh

pronouncing 'post' like 'cost' until further notice

utau voicebank makers don't have a MORAL DUTY to make their voicebanks permanently free of charge, they poured their own resources and hard work into what they make and they absolutely have the right to charge money if they believe that's what it's worth

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