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My public Discord servers! *

St. Defoko's School of UTAU: Learn and creative skills

UTAU English Central
All English UTAU methods

Kaigai Kiyokura: For international fans and creators

Arpasing: Share work or get help with

Phonetic Songs: Transcribing song lyrics in X-SAMPA

Vocalsynth Rock/Metal Musicians:

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Preview thread for Sticks & Stones, my Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 album for the 5th anniversary of his release! *

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I'm Kiyoteru Lofe Adlez Dystopia! I love writing music, and these days it's more rock songs. I run St. Defoko's School of UTAU and I'm part of The UTAU Black Supermarket.

My favorite vocaloid is Hiyama Kiyoteru and I organize community collab projects under the group Kaigai Kiyokura.

I also happen to do commissions for music, OTOs of any type, and Japanese DeepVocals.


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Starting a new manju thread with both Ken and Kiyoteru!
My breakfast this morning is squid fried rice, using last night's leftovers.

Since OpenUtau is, well, open source, that means lots of people are free to contribute their own part to it! * As part of TUBS I created this Japanese CVVC Phonemizer, and we're also working on CVC RUS, Spanish nJokis, and VCCV English.

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OpenUtau is an open source successor to UTAU! One of the hottest features is the ARPAsing phonemizer, which allows you to type in regular English words and have it automatically converted to phonemes. * (Video by StAkira)

i've been neglecting vocalounge lol * i should be posting more about openutau here

"Praise be the Mother for another bountiful harvest!"

The Great Harvest feat. AVANNA



man i really haven't written or released any songs for a long time

sighs i still haven't gotten around to finishing my spiritbox cover with maika. this was supposed to be my "i finally use maika" moment

Translation for Parallel World ver. 0.15 is now up! Try out the new voicebank morphing feature!

Working on the translation for the manual of parallel world 0.15. Please don't sneakily release 0.16 haha

Parallel World: VST plugin for real-time UTAU rendering. English translated manual has been posted! *

yall we are writing up this translation blog post at the speed of sound

like i can still sorta relate to hearing people talk about blistering hot weather but that's because i was suffering in the heat a few months ago

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feels weird hearing people from further north talking about the summer season because here summer has already ended and we're in the wet season

i've probably said this before but i'm pretty sure filipinos would judge me for my american accent if i tried to record a tagalog voicebank

it's kinda weird/interesting talking to someone about UTAU when they primarily know me for my vocaloid work

Went through my Google Drive files and removed the security update for the files they were planning to apply it to (mainly UTAU libraries and original song .zip files). Annoying, but necessary. I recommend other producers/UTAU devs to do this for their public releases as well.

(Instructions on how:

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