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My public Discord servers! *

St. Defoko's School of UTAU: Learn and creative skills

UTAU English Central
All English UTAU methods

Kaigai Kiyokura: For international fans and creators

Arpasing: Share work or get help with

Phonetic Songs: Transcribing song lyrics in X-SAMPA

Vocalsynth Rock/Metal Musicians:

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Preview thread for Sticks & Stones, my Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 album for the 5th anniversary of his release! *

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I'm Kiyoteru Lofe Adlez Dystopia! I love writing music, and these days it's more rock songs. I run St. Defoko's School of UTAU and I'm part of The UTAU Black Supermarket.

My favorite vocaloid is Hiyama Kiyoteru and I organize community collab projects under the group Kaigai Kiyokura.

I also happen to do commissions for music, OTOs of any type, and Japanese DeepVocals.


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Starting a new manju thread with both Ken and Kiyoteru!
My breakfast this morning is squid fried rice, using last night's leftovers.

even though dominic canonically speaks the 4 languages that the taglish reclist was designed to support, the only language i really want to use myself is english, so i might as well focus on that

i hope my filipino followers will find it in their hearts to forgive me

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yesterday i tested a throwaway english reclist and i ended up liking it so much that i might stick with it from now on... bad news is that it means i'll be abandoning my taglish reclist project and 4 language phonemizers

thought of this first when i saw other fashion historians discuss and demonstrate clothing construction methods, but thinking about it again bc of the standard technique for shuffling several decks of cards together

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(sees someone do something with a particular well-practiced standard technique)
wow! so unique
(sees someone else do it exactly the same way)
wow! reminds me of (first person)!

me: knows that nobody is looking at me or gives a shit what I'm doing, has literally been reading random interesting articles for the past few hours
also me: gets embarassed wondering if anyone will notice me trying to study basic tagalog grammar

I am actually SO happy about getting my stp packer today and I wish I could share the good news with more people but since it's technically nsfw I can't be yelling about it everywhere hahaha

Wondering if I should try doing a total caffeine reset over the next week so I can at least get that working again. Idk.

I tell myself it's better to have something consistent and stable and routine vs sudden boosts and crashes but I'd like to know what that sudden clarity would feel like if even just once

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Ngl mildly jealous of other adhders who start stimulants and get to report dramatic improvements on day 1 because nonstimulants take months to build up and all I get for feedback is to try and guess if it's helping

This might be because I've been watching Utena but handsome Rina would look so good... she wouldn't be into it but I definitely would

(UTAU/OC lore) Rina desperately wants to be girlboss and malewife with Dominic but she's not that good of a girlboss (lost all her money to a pyramid scheme) and Dom is just some guy who's completely uninterested in being a wife

i keep having these "Oh that probably wasn't normal" realizations whenever i look at shit i've been through with the added context of untreated adhd

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(thinks back over the past) oh so it probably wasn't normal for me to be crying at school all the time

flipping through my tagalog vocab flashcards and i keep forgetting the word for "to remember"

Got around to adding random people I knew from school on linkedin and oh my god so many of them ALSO got jobs straight out of college. Majoring in computer science is a life hack

insanely excited because someone on my utau comm queue wants to record a grit singing english bank FINALLY DOMINIC WON'T BE ALONE

its been a long time since i've watched a kinoshita yuka video and maaan i've forgotten how much i like watching her ;_;

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