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Here's a list of my public Discord servers! *

St. Defoko's School of UTAU: A support community for helping people learn , other vocalsynths, or creative skills

Kaigai Kiyokura: For international fans and creators

Arpasing: Share work or get help with

Phonetic Songs: Transcribing song lyrics in X-SAMPA

Vocalsynth Rock/Metal Musicians:

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Preview thread for Sticks & Stones, my Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 album for the 5th anniversary of his release! *

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I'm Kiyoteru Lofe Adlez Dystopia! I love writing music, and these days it's more rock songs. I run St. Defoko's School of UTAU and I'm part of The UTAU Black Supermarket.

My favorite vocaloid is Hiyama Kiyoteru and I organize community collab projects under the group Kaigai Kiyokura.

I also happen to do commissions for music, OTOs of any type, and Japanese DeepVocals.


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Starting a new manju thread with both Ken and Kiyoteru!
My breakfast this morning is squid fried rice, using last night's leftovers.

Gives my utau long hair because fictional characters don't have to deal with washing their hair... Yes

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Long hair aesthetic is so cool just wish it wasn't a pain to maintain

@deeepiii eyes emoji... do u want to join my utau learning discord server

Vocalsynth friends, it can also be a song featuring your utau/deepvocal (I write lyrics in English and Japanese)

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If you donate at least 500 pesos (about $10) to Kaya Natin for typhoon relief in the Philippines, I'll write you a 1 minute custom music piece. This can be for anything (intro/outro, jingle, bgm loop, short song, etc.)

For the rest of November, proceeds from every purchase on my Bandcamp will be donated towards typhoon relief.

Smaller funds only take local payment methods, so this will be an opportunity for international friends to help. I'll be going through this thread. *

I finally remembered to release this reclist: a supplemental CC reclist for English voicebanks
This will allow you to cover every consonant sequence that happens between syllables!

Figured I'd post my
[* = Boxed]

:vocalo_v2: Hatsune Miku*
:piapro_studio: Kagamine Rin/Len V4X + English*
:vocalo_v3: AVANNA
:vocalo_v2: SONiKA

🎢 Smooth Romantic Way (ft. Eleanor Forte) 🎢

Poor Eleanor. She really needs a hug after this date disaster.

Miku NT not having a tie was really bugging me so I drew her with a tie.

Bandcamp fees are waived today, so if you want to listen to some Kiyoteru music or support my gender transition, feel free to check out my new album!

album sales have paid for T for the next few months lol thank u guys

Kinda took a break for the last couple weeks of October but now resuming progress on my Vocaloid RPG.

This is more of an art project than anything, which must be why I'm spending extra effort on the tileset.

I wish I could complete as fast as possible so people can enjoy it but realistically it'll take at least another year or two to complete.

Anyway, I kinda finally figure out how to do trees. So here's some trees and mushrooms!

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