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I for one welcome all the idiots in my city to fire off all their fireworks now at 7PM before the sun sets so when it does turn dark they run out of fireworks

I'd be so lost if I didn't know what locking was hhhh

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Okay now I'm learning Bring It On and sometimes the dance looks easy but in reality it's just REALLY HARD to do CORRECTLY

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(jdkjf I think I finally did a good job making Len look like an older teen.)

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Voice cracks are just FRQ errors in real life

okay someone please help me what do 'poggers' and 'wig' mean i'm not up to date on the words kids use these days ;u;

NataP writes "The Happy Prince" based on Oscar Wilde's short story of the same time

I make fanart of NataP's song

Someone writes fanfic based on my fanart

NataP, if you're out there somewhere, your music is alive and well

That one panel from I think Hatsune Mix? where KAITO is going "I have no idea what's going on but I'm sure it'll be okay!" is just. me all the time

I don't really know what's going on because I haven't kept up with anything new in the Vocaloid world since SeeU came out but I feel like Vocaloid can never truly "die" as long as it has fans. It's already left its mark for good, I think

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Every so often I hear about the "starter vocalsynth" again, and...I do get it to a certain degree, but I think this is a myth. Vocalsynth is hard in general; you'll have much more motivation during the learning curve if you like the voice than with an "easy" one you're meh on.

i'm not going to let vy2 die while i still have breath in my lungs and blood in my veins o:<

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Took a break from Conqueror today so I don't get sick of it between now and filming next weekend, and ended up shuffling around to a few songs I started choreographies for in the last couple of years but never finished 🤔

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Hello, I've created this account on a whim since I thought about creating a Matsodon account for a while now :)

My favourite Vocaloid is Yuezheng Longya and this is an Artwork I drew of him in October 2019!

We will see if I will actually end up using this account or not.

Anyways I am now choreographing Conqueror for an online competition despite having only known the song for 2~3 days

Also I feel like the use of performers other than the Vocaloids (backup dancers, etc.) is a big missed opportunity for Miku. They sorta had it in those 2012 concerts with the orchestra but it's so effective and immersive with IA even if I'm just watching on my TV at home

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Since IA's 2018 PARTY A GO-GO is on YouTube until the end of this month, last night was the first time I've ever seen an IA concert and I had NO IDEA IA's dancing was so hype. The styles showcased are just. so different from those in Vocaloid concerts. I feel like if I watched IA dance for a few hours I would gain a few levels on my own dancing

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