Today was a throwback day for dancing!! I managed to stub my toe hard enough to make it painful to dance on AGAIN a couple of days ago, so now that it's recovering I rehearsed some choreos that are easy on footwork, which tend to be the older ones from the 2011 live concerts. It's fun going back and being like "oh yeah these are really easy and lowkey compared to the more recent choreos" XD

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Are you ready? Because...

The Low-Effort Miku Zine is now here!

Thank you to all participants and thank you for being patient! Please enjoy the zine and feel free to print out your own delightfully low-effort copy.

We hope to make more fun community projects in the future!

I'm definitely going to want to share some screenshots of the Vocaloid sequence when this is finished

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A hint that's not really a hint: Tuning is proving to be a big challenge. Rewarding for sure, but definitely a challenge

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I'm still working on my project for VY2's birthday and quite happy with it so far!! So excited that I could share wips... buuuut I'm going to keep it a surprise. One month until the reveal! 'v'


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Hi, I've been trying to figure out a background hours now, & this art already took all day, so just take Kara as an Animal Crossing Villager! ;W;/

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Sketch done for Chihon Morrigan's alt design, which is itself a reimagining of her original design. The wings are something once did which I really liked the concept of

Wow I redid a solid entire third of the choreo in one 2-hour session, and I forgot to take my inhaler first. what is today

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I said I was going to rechoreograph Jitter Doll but for some reason today I woke up feeling really inspired to redo Funk beat Junk beat instead

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In case anyone's curious about the other keychain in the picture:

I love rats. Partially real rats, and partially from a literary/symbolic perspective.

I cosplay two different characters who are both named Rat. Yes, it's very confusing.

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My MIKU EXPO 2020 merch arrived!
The rock shirt is in the wash rn but I'm also really excited about my KAITO luggage tag 'v'

Happy spring and happy one year anniversary to Doukashiteruwa by yukkedoluce! This song is iconic ⭐

Y'all can talk to me or ask me questions about dance anytime! I love nerding out about dance ⭐

Happy Thursday, all! We're most of the way through the week ⭐ I hope everyone has a great day!

Just so you all know, my favorite manga is Wild Adapter! I just finished my first reread in several years and WOW it's so heckin' good, y'all should definitely read it too ⭐

I feel like I've made so many Snowman dance videos already but I really want to make another and see how much I've improved. I feel like I have a much better handle on it now than I did even a year or two ago X'D

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