I've had the same two songs stuck in my head for a solid month and a half straight and I'm feeling so inspired and it's GREAT

I'm glad I was able to get back into singing 'v' Singing while cooking makes me feel good inside

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Here's a tip (and a thread) for anyone who wants to make a collab project that has open recruitment (zines, etc.): let's say you have a cap at 20 participants. Therefore, you should have the 20 who ________...

You're probably thinking the answer is "have the best art".


The correct answer is "...want to be on the project the most."

Why? Well, let's take a moment to analyze what happens when you take each of these two approaches.

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I've lined and coloured this dork so here's art of my , Chihon Morrigan

My singing voice feels unusually good today and I can't figure out if it's because I already danced (and remembered to take my inhaler), if I'm just in the mood, or if I'm accidentally using the wrong technique...??

Funny how the style of whatever I'm choreographing is so heavily influenced by whatever song I practiced immediately before it. Makes for an interesting feel when I combine Seisou Bakuretsu Boy and Main Character...

Starting to rehearse choreography for Miku Expo Vancouver!!! oooo:<

For some reason my Rinkah "VIBE CHECK" drawing is reasonably popular on my pixiv. it doesn't have any more views than any of my other drawings, but it has way more likes and bookmarks. I don't even think it's that good of a drawing. X'D Maybe it's just because it's memey.


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I tried to make a quick & simple guide to understanding where the overlap goes by showing how the consonant look like in a string. That way it's easy to learn why they go where they are put & how to figure out where to put it if you get a sound you don't know.

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I have some small tedious handsewing to do and I wish I had some kind of art stream or something lowkey to watch for the next hour or so while I do it but I don't think I know many artists... hmmm

I should note that my sister's name/pseudonym is Aki and this has /nothing/ to do with the much more famous person named Aki so if you see me referring to Aki it's always my sister and not the other Aki

Sis Aki thought I was talking to my parrot Aihi sitting on my lap but I'm actually talking to my Vocaloid. That's how much I talk to my Vocaloids when I work 😂 (Not that Aihi complains about the attention)

Now is one of those times I /really/ feel the conflict between "wow, I want to post a WIP of this and show it off" and "I want this to be a huge surprise and for nobody to know what it is until it's finished"

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Just started my project for VY2's birthday on a whim even though I have no certainty that I'll finish it on time and WOW I can't believe this is actually working! Pleasantly surprised...

1) Vocaloid5 is way more complex and sophisticated than I thought
2) I've had it for over a year now and I JUST learned where the vibrato and stuff is... coming from Vocaloid2, none of this is intuitive 😂

Me, sliding the Magical Mirai 2019 disc into the Blu-ray player so I can start learning the Main Character choreography: I'm going to take a wild guess and say the answer is no

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Today is my first dance session I've had in about two weeks since I was traveling last weekend! Aaa it feels so good to get up and move around again!

Will I actually get any of the choreography I /need/ to get done worked on today? We'll see >w>

People seem to like my VY2 design. This makes me very happy

Apparently I have NO concept of time because I thought I only listened to The Moment Before the End once while my cosplay friends were all hanging out and I ended up accidentally playing it three times for them and nobody said anything

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