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This was intended for MEIKO Day, which I ended up missing (I'm sorry...)
I got a new tablet recently and I've been enjoying working on it!
Lately I've been wanting to experiment with this kind of thick-line crayon-like style.

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Unless you're trying to claim your project as the fandom's one and only sole venture, you don't have an obligation to "remove bias". It's your project and you need to tailor it to your direction and your workflow, and whom you think you can work with.

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When you're staffing projects, your goal shouldn't be "who has the objectively best technical skills" but "who's the best person to help make this a success". Not counting other factors like "ability to work well with you" isn't fairness as much as it's narrow-minded.

I'm so excited for this, I almost cried a few times while we were making it. 😂

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Happy 10th anniversary, VY2!!

Just released a new collab song! This was my first time participating in the creation of an original song ' w ' Many thanks to DystoP and August for helping make this a reality!!

【VY2】light of my heart【VOCALOID Original】

niconico: nicovideo.jp/watch/sm38632443
YT: youtube.com/watch?v=3Dk6fczQUu

Hi, I'm auditioning for the part of Xiao and I'll be singing 'Aquarium Mind' by JimmythumbP.


hmmm my The Moment Before the End cover is almost a year old... maybe I should try to redo it

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I'm too good at saving my drawing program often so I don't lose my work, but I need to learn to save Vocaloid more often. When it crashed it didn't lose too much though so I must have saved recently and just not realized. Bless

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I just realized that since it's 2021, this year it'll have been 10 years since I got into Vocaloid...

SO glad Vocaloid5 finally just recently updated so now you don't have to wait for the whole entire part to render before you can play it. 🙃 I have a tiny brain so I didn't learn about the "split your track into parts" trick until like right before the update came out, haha.

Trying out some new things with this vsq... O:<

Starting a new vsq without even touching my old wip, that's meee!

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It's always really odd to me when I hear that people out there conflate Vocaloid with a "teenage phase", because -- you *do* realize that it's difficult to make music on the regular like this unless you have a steady source of income and a flexible schedule, right?

It's like the argument of it being weird for adults to be into kids' media. Who do you think is *making* the kids' media?!

WOW I have not tried to sing Tada Sou Aru You Ni in a solid couple of years and it sounds REALLY good... gonna have to record that one soon

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I think I'm finally at a point where I feel comfortable enough to talk about this frankly, so I'm going to write what'll probably be a very long thread about this (please bear with me):

"Does Lystrialle write songs about romance?"

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