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Jay | ♂ | UK
Artist, UTAU & Vocaloid user
Creator / Voice of UTAU Bobbi

I am a freelance artist from the UK! Hoping to table at conventions someday~



#mastoart #freelance #commissions #kofi #patreon

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hello, this is kamika! you can call me mika!

i've been in the and community for ... a little over a decade now. wow. i voice the UTAU Sonata, illustrate, and have been focusing on covering songs as a this past year.

nice to meet you!

I did further concepts for my Change my Hue comic, and I hope to expand it a lot and even finish designs

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Hi there! I'm AuriChan! I've been using for about 10 years. I currently have 2 UTAU, Aurora Aurion (who will be turning 9 in July and I have absolutely nothing planned out oops ;u; ) and Auri.

While I mainly stick to UTAU in terms of vocalsynth usage, I occasionally mess with Vocaloid and am curious about other synths.

I doodle every now and again, so I guess hmu with a ref and brief personality of an UTAU and I'll pick some out to sketch when I have some free time? lol

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Not to keep on Spamming, but may I introduce my group? These are the PiZZALOiDS, my pride n joys based on my favorite things... Sci-fi and Historical Fiction hehe
From L to R we have:
💚 Kyrus (CV and CVVC)
💙 Sara (CV)
💝 Elle (CV)
❤️ Christophe (CV)
💞 Alexander and Julius (CV and CV)

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I'd like people to tell me some utau's they use, or their own. I use the same 5, so any and all recommendations are welcome

I think I'm going to try and make something today, tuning has been so blegh to me because some songs have so many notes..

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Late ! I'm Haru, and I have an of the same name: Haru Torres (トレス春). I've been in the vocalsynth community for almost 10 years now (since 2011 or so)! I have a high focus on the UTAU side of things but I enjoy Vocaloid as well. I'm also an artist, albeit a slow one, and love video games like the Legend of Zelda series! Here are some samples of my boy and pictures 🍅

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Hello VocaLoungers, VNN here and ready to keep you informed about all of the synthesizers news!

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This has come up a few times, so a reminder: reposting artwork/videos, or linking to unauthorized reposts, is against our instance rules!
We understand that this is a habit for a lot of people, but let's do our best to respect the rights of creators so important to our community.

Instead, link the original source and support the creator directly!
Need help finding the original link?
VocaDB can help you find vocalsynth videos:
And SauceNAO for art:

Changed my icon because my own art was really fighting to work with me.

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Not sure what to tag? Here are some recommendations!

☕ Introducing yourself:
☕ Showing off your vocalsynth collection:
☕ Art: (optionally more specific , , etc.)
☕ Music work: / ( , , etc.)
☕ Cosplay: (etc.)
☕ Recommendations: (etc.)

Also, tags like , , , and help get your work outside VocaLounge!

I need to finish: Hollow Knight, The Witcher 3, DS1, DS3, Ni No Kuni, FF7, and more probably. Also replaying P3 and P4, and waiting to get P5R in March. :'))

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I need to finish quite a few games, but I sit and wonder "why haven't I finished this" and it's either a) too annoying or b) I'm lazy :(

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This is what I wore for Miku Expo London! Decided to do something KAITO themed this time >v< 💙

Thinking of maybe doing something similar to this for Saturday night of Katsucon?? Since I'll be cosplaying as Seraphim on the Ring KAITO for Sunday!

500 characters is amazing, I wish Twitter had it, it allows for more access to ideas and not having to create 5 posts...

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