I personally don't like Flower's new design, it goes against her entire being tbh. She's a metal character, yes people can evolve but unless they also change her voice, it won't really be a good design, but if they also change her voice... is it really Flower? Like, obviously yes but I mean, it won't feel like her at all.

Hey guys, I'm here finally after so long. :)

Yo, I finally updated my profile (apparently I was 17 at the time?) well, idk if I'll be more active here but... I'm here. :)

Hello, finished a 5 page Research paper that'll be torn to shreds how is your friday

Despite me not Tooting here I still do look in case of possible reports. So, I'm alive here. I promise.

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This was my zine entry for the Big FestivAL that passed just recently, so I'm reposting it here... luv my big mans

Just a Test 

Test, un, deux, trois

I got the program in 8th Grade, I of course, the poor kid I was and still am, Pocaloided and made terrible covers. Then I got here after much practice.

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on a spring break in middle school, I was talking to someone who liked Vocaloid, they showed me Bacterial Contamination, which wasn't my first Vocal Synth song or cover, but it's the first time I actually listened and though "hm" I think at first I was...afraid to like it? Lol, I was like 12 or something and I was dumb. But yes, I looped that song for so long. I liked it, then listened to more. I generally listened to horror vocaloid songs, and then I just continued to do it.

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Next release of Mastodon will allow admins to post important announcements to their users, and yes, those are reactions



:vocalo_v4: Cyber Diva, Daina and Tone Rion V4
:vocalo_v3: Merli, Oliver, Lapis, Avanna
:vocalo_v2: Sweet Ann, Prima, Luka V2, Sonika

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COMMISSIONS~! I got em! Ya boy has them big boy bills to pay orz

▪️Slots open indefinitely
▪️Type A could be either just line art or black and white
▪️My ToS ➡️ tl.gd/n_1sr2k3b
▪️If you are interested, please reach out to me here or twitter via DM or to my email: operaghost(dot)commissions🌀gmail(dot)com

Thank you!!

:vocalo_v4: Fukase, VY1V4, Kizuna Akari
:vocalo_v3: Meiko V3, Kaito V3
:vocalo_v5: Haruno Sora

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hi! i'm cheesum ^_^

i'm an american singing synth user ( etc.) who likes to make them sound nice in my spare time. i also voice the utau ham. i'm not really sure how often i'll use this platform.. but i figured i might as well make an account regardless ! hehe

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