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Hello! I'm an autistic enby who does a lot of UTAU and Vocaloid stuff!
I mostly do original songs and covers, including an UTAU EP, Lifeline, which I released last year! :)

I saw some cute little frogs at the aquatics shop today :)

I've been feeling terribly dysphoric today so I went overboard with treating myself to new plants. 🙃

Everyone look at this artwork I did last year
I'm so proud of it

enbies: I'm not a bee *and* I'm not a skeleton

cis: oh I see. you're half way between a bee and a skeleton!

There were a couple of issues with the colouring, but I'm hoping they won't show up much. -w-'

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It's finally done! I drew my favourite audio-visual remixer, the lovely! I hope you like it :3

Y'all I think I've figured out why I want to dye my hair green so much

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I haven't been drawing all week but I'm finally getting around to it!! 😊
(The image on the left is for colour reference!)

Respecting trans people revives my soul, one headpat at a time.

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Every time I use my trans friends' correct pronouns I become more powerful.

Whenever I’m feeling kind of bleh, I look up the “American baseball player” names from a 90s Japanese video game and immediately start ugly-laughing. It never fails to make me feel better

The good thing about Yodel is that they did deliver my package to my house. The bad thing is that they left it in the big red cardboard bin, so far down that I couldn't even reach it with my tiny baby arms.

😺✏ — The Muppets Christmas Carol, definitely.
Unless Frozen counts as a Christmas movie.

I saw a sign today that said Bro Branwen and I vastly regret not taking a picture of it.

I'm thinking about replacing my phone anyway, since there also appears to be some problem with the battery (the screen is curving up at the bottom, which I presume is from an expanding battery).
I'll look into it once I get home, although I may just get the same phone again.

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My actual file manager and image gallery apps are working fine, it's just these ones which are having issues. At least I can circumvent it with Twitter, since it lets me select images with external apps (very slowly), but Amino doesn't. :(

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For some reason, apps on my phone which use custom image selection galleries aren't recognising all of my images or folders - this issue is happening with Amino as well.
Does anyone else know what's causing this?

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