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Hello! I'm an autistic enby who does a lot of UTAU and Vocaloid stuff!
I mostly do original songs and covers, including an UTAU EP, Lifeline, which I released last year! :)

New UTAU song for an upcoming collab album! This one's about intrusive thoughts :o

Here's a new UTAU original with Anna for my birthday! It's themed around Azazel from The Binding of Isaac :)

It's the fifth anniversary of the day I started using UTAU, and recorded Ally and Anna's first voicebank! To celebrate, here's a new cover (thankfully not done with their first voicebank)!

Here's my UTAU cover for Pride Month! 💙
This is actually a redone version of my cover of Colours (originally by EnsionD ft. Vaceslav) which was way back in 2016.
I hope y'all enjoy it! :3

I'm posting my spookums edit here as well.
'When Shadows Catch The Light'

I wanna show y'all this TBoI doodle I did yesterday
Definitely putting my new computer to good use.

Modern life is too stressful. I would like to live in Pixie Hollow and be assigned a skill as a pancake flipper.

One time I was pronouncing words in Japanese in front of my college counselor and she said 'Wow your pronunciation is really good' and I was like oh shit I've revealed my superpower

I drew Anna and Oliver together!! They're both ace! They're dating!
It's... this is the only meaningful piece of artwork I've managed to produce over the past month.

🎵take me to church
i'll worship at the church and the churchity church
i'll churchity church and you can churchity church
offer me that churchless church
good god, let me churchity church🎵

I may not have slept much over the past few days, but on the bright side I now know almost everything about The Phantom of the Opera

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