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If you want people to install your keylogger, you have to give it a name that makes it sound friendly and unthreatening. Like “Grammarly”

There's no synonym feat-- oh, there it is, buried in a menu and not on the right click context menu as I'd expect

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First day of transition to LibreOffice and I already stumbling on their AutoCorrect system

Seeing Reigen winning all of this polls is deadass hilarious like lmfao, this is wild. He's truly an invasive species

I'm patiently expecting a Synth V Korean update but also lowkey scared for all the k-pop covers that will flood my recommendations the moment it does

There be Lore™ and my inability to catch it all hurts

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Listening to Yamashizuku songs and looking for that one English comment that explains what the hell just happened because the translation isn't out yet continues to be my pain

Avanna I love you but I really got to find a stronger English female synth

Opening a project and not liking a single part of it can be very disheartening at times

Browsing while having a project open in my DAW was a mistake

I keep forgetting that W11 exists, is it any good yet?

One of these days I'll write an acapella/vocal album

I'm trying to get in the habit of closing no longer needed tabs every once in a while because that day when I nearly crossed 700 tabs in one browser lowkey scared me

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I can finally close this 100+ tab window I've been racking up over the past two weeks.... only to end back up in the exact same position next week

this tweet comes to you from a guy trapped in web dev hell

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It's funny how how much work goes into making a product and then its release is so hilariously short

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I wonder why YouTube does this: It picks the thumbnail of a video that I'd like to watch at the moment, but uses it for a "mix", and doesn't even use the thumbnailed video as the first one in the playlist??

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Voice providers (who are paid for their work!!) and vocalists are held in very high esteem here. I object to both acting like we should be okay with "middleman-cutting AI" (don't lump us in with you) *and* accusing us of being no better than them (don't lump us in with them!!). We didn't spend years trying to foster an indie-friendly community to be treated like this.

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Hey, so if you try to compare the vocalsynth community's use of synthesized vocals and even AI to people who try to "cut corners" by not hiring voice talent, I can and will snap at you. Do not even make that comparison. Don't you dare. I've spent too many years dealing with the stigma "Vocaloid producers use them as placeholder vocals because they can't afford real vocalists" and that was *before* AI came into play.

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