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After two years of putting it off, I finally finished that blog post

I think that's one of my major misgivings for easier difficulties in the series, it doesn't seem to follow any sort of beat and I _have_ to look at the notes in order to pass it

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Me, playing Secret Police on Normal: wth why can't I hit any of these notes
Me, playing Secret Police on Expert: finally the notes are on beat

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Hey, front-end web developers: if you absolutely must put a pop-up modal on your website, make sure that the user can close it with the Escape key.

Let the Esc key perform the function it was literally designed to serve: "get me out of the current thing". Only allowing the user to use the mouse to close your modal is an accessibility failure; allowing some other key to close it but not Esc is a standard-interface failure.

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I know what the click, I'm clicking it but I keep missing it and I'm like ???? I swear, if I manage not to clear another song because I got so many safes it looks like I did it on purpose I'm gonna scream

Also, normal is more difficult than hard. You can't change my mind

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Was trying out Project Diva with a controller and it's definitely different from playing it by keyboard. Also, I don't know if it's because I just haven't played a rhythm game in so long but wow does my timing sucks

Recommendations for tablets on a entry budget would be appreciated too since I'm a complete noob when it this lol

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For those of y'all who are digital artists, what are your thoughts on the brand VEIKK? Been thinking of getting a drawing tablet lately and want to explore all my options.

Watching Miku Expo Rewind and only noticing how old some of these songs are.

The more I see Yelan, the more I think it's long overdue to see Lisa again

I was reminded of Tyria's fate and I'm feeling sorry for her all over again like this girl went through too much to end up like _that_

We haven't had a new Project Diva game in quite a while and all these rebrands (because that's basically what there are at this point) makes me really miss what F/F2nd gave to us

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As much as I'm glad that Project Diva is FINALLY coming to PC, the use of FT charts and the lack of an edit mode is lowkey depressing

"movable do" has made me its lapdog to the point where I don't even think I can do "fixed do" anymore and I'm not sure how I should feel about that

Am I really going to have to wait for Scaramouche to drop to get another electro male added to this game because that is what it feels like

Razor continues to be the sole electro male sigh

Was reading up on some astronomy and I know authors are free with their artistic licenses but all I can think about now when I'm reading xianxia novels is "was this planet terraformed because at this size, this should be a gas planet" and my brain Won't Stop

I just spent the past 30 minutes racking my brain trying to determine what went wrong (didn't help that I don't know a lick of Portuguese) only to realise that Row is Lin and it should be L0C00...

I learnt my lesson.

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