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Is it just me or are the zither songs easier than the lyre songs? It doesn't feel as challenging as the previous event

Finally got around to the new commission quest and I have a sinking suspicion as to what happened but I'll just wait for the game to throw me the rest of it to confirm

Black Rock Shooter and Disney..? This is not a dream?

I'll get around to the light novels one day for a bit more depth but I'm happy with the way it has ended. The complete OST is even available on Spotify so at least I don't have to go far for that one.

Watched both the Violet Evergarden movies today and it really a fitting end.

Other than bringing Diluc up to C1 (sigh)
Ningguang and Chongyun is now C3
Razor is C5

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Translating between languages are fun when you have a certain word limit to keep, especially when it is to be sung

The urge to just write nonsensical lyrics increase with each passing day

If mhy pulls a baizhu with yae and just have her existing in stasis without ever being announced, I'm gonna cry

Why do I feel like Baizhu is going to be a sword character... he has to be a catalyst, he has to be

I'm sorry Childe, I don't think you fit in my "Itto come home!" blueprint

I truly hate how irritably annoying automatic updates can be

big sigh on Windows restarting for updates but private browsing windows don't restore when it finishes

I love that Kiari just doesn't exist, yes we only know of Xion

The total erasure of Mickey, Donald and Goofy from Sora's existence (rip Dive to the Heart Sora) is expected since it's Disney we're talking about but it still kinda hurts.

It still feels like a dream. Remembering the days of SSF and SSF2 and wondering "would Disney ever allow Sora to be in a fighting game" and the day as actually arrived

Sora in Smash really feels like a dream like wow, Disney actually said yes

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