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This was one depressing anniversary event huh

So I installed Ableton Live Lite and I don't think I'll ever get used to this interface. It scares me way more than FL Studio.

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"Praise be the Mother for another bountiful harvest!"

The Great Harvest feat. AVANNA



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【動画】[VoXil ft. AVANNA] The Great Harvest [VOCALOID Original] を投稿しました。

Working on a song for a character anniversary but it doesn't feel like it's in character anymore so I'm repurposing it now...

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My new song 'The Great Harvest' featuring AVANNA is set to premiere at 4:45 PM AST.

Kudos to for organising the event and for the art!

I hope Windows doesn't pull a "well, guess I'll restart now" to install updates because I'm not uploading this video the NND again

I'm following people for a reason, please show their tweets on my TL

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I should really switch over to Tweetdeck or something because the Twitter's algo has been driving me up a wall

I understand wanting to put premiere behind a paywall but schedule upload? Really NND? sigh

I managed to get one of them down to paper before they disappeared. I really need a better way of capturing these short periods of creativity.

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The shower is really an haven for ideas, why did I come up with not one but three different songs in such a short period of time sigh

Not me wanting to pull Kokomi for the sole reason that she moves gracefully

On one hand it was to be expected, birds run when we appear but at the same time, that was a whole random event lol

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There was a random event called "Scare Away the Pigeons" and all I had to do was walk and the quest was complete,,,

Thoma and Gorou better come around when I have wishes... but then there's the reruns where there's a high chance of Albedo appearing and I definitely don't have enough for this.

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The pain of wanting to pull every character on every banner but never doing the dailies to save for them. If I end up not pulling Yae or Baizhu whenever they appear I'll cry.

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