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One song in Hōvot/Soulspeak complete. Time to put it in Vocaloid, fingers crossed

It just dawned on me that Hōvot and its descendants vowel inventory is "so large" that I can't use flower to sing most songs written in it.

Avanna gets used once again.

Adpositions and conjunctions were a pain back then, and continue to be a pain now. There are quite a bit of phrases I'm still not sure to say and I don't want to just add a word, making things bloated and unnecessary.

Now, I have a dedicated locative marker 'ho' to cover anything space related, and it usually affixed to show specific placement. I also derived the temporal locative marker using "time" 'li' to form 'liho'.

I watch things like that and see that I've improved a lot over the years

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One thing that really stood out to me that I didn't have a locative marker so the choice then was to take the verb "to go" 'ìgai' and simplify to 'i' to mean "in" which was very clumsy since it handled both time and space location, as well as marking a verb as infinitive.

Was looking at some song translations I did in the past for Shìmvot to test out the grammar and vocabulary and it's visible that there have been changes with the direction of the language and it reminds that I haven't been working on it in vain.

I'm gonna need to find a capable vocal if I keep up this near three ocatve piccolo run

before the teaser: prepping to simp for baal
after the teaser: damn, can i just take all of them

Is that new characters for the story I see 👀

fingers crossed, gonna message that one person in the fandom to give that song a listen to see if I'm overreacting or not lol

Instead I sing a line and I feel like and sound death

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Ah, I wish I could sing. Vocal synth is fun imagine how it much easier I could just go ああいあうあえ and it would sound Good.

It's highly tempting to slap a chorus on it for completion sake but I'll have to take a break from it for now.

On one hand, "wow, I can't believe I managed to do That" but on the other, "wow, I can't believe I wasted all that time"

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I managed to write a near two minute piece and I felt really proud of it since I haven't been able to write anything substantial in months but then I started listening to a playlist on my phone and realised I was heavily inspired by a certain song...

I'm forever grateful for the programming spell checks

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I got so used to snake case (and camel case in the few projects that use it) that it felt weird seeing Visual Studio insistently telling me to capitalise classes in c#

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