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It's weird but I somehow like how the models used to look for MikuPa than I do for the current concerts and I can't really point out why

And it looks like everyone is dropping FTP support for their browsers too...

Apparently embedded JavaScript in PDFs is a thing now huh...

If anything, I'm just glad that torch is installing this time around for them instead of flat out failing but this new error is a bit strange...

I guess all I can do for now is make use of Windows Sandbox and perhaps WSL? I never did make use of that as I should tbh

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I'm extremely tempted to reinstall my entire system but considering it's nearly 700+ GB of stuff I have on this drive, and I'll need to find the installation media for more than half of the installed programs, I'm really not up for the job.

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I "love" working on a shared project where it only works on my laptop and everyone else is experiencing bugs 🙃

You would think people looking at leaks would double check with other leakers too but noo, let's just cherry pick some lines to fit my own agenda instead of giving the whole story

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I try to avoid (re-)tweeting spoilers on my profile because there's people who follow me who would prefer not to be spoiled but boy do I hate how people just run with things without fact checking

If I reach pity on that banner and get any other 5 star than Zhongli, I'm done with Genshin no joke

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I already didn't get Childe and now I have to decide between Zhongli, Yanfei and Eula? Insont have enough free primos for this

People being surprised during the Archon quest has be so confused. Like, yay! You managed not to figure it out until the end but boy do I see this from a mile away lol

I think my favourite part is the timing feature; I haven't used it in depth yet but the ability to change when the onset and coda plays is a life raft lol

The vibrato control will take some getting used to but I like how the pitch is directly on the notes and I don't have to die like with Vocaloid's PIT/PBS

Did Zunko just did what I think she just did?

Watch me start to use ruby markup on my site for no reason at all lol

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The nerd in me will go "let's use IPA!" but anything would be a great help for words that aren't pronounced as it looks and the actual pronunciation is way out of thought.

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