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Watch me just make an acapella cover, tease 10 seconds of it and never release it because it'll never be good enough lol

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I have a really strong urge to cover Ar Tonelico songs with vocal synths but I'm not looking forward to making those instrumentals at all....

The part I hate most about this is that I would have never found it if I wasn't searching for ways to increase browser history retention 😂

I would really like to know who makes use of that feature because I know for sure that I do not. I knew that Google was getting more and more integrated into the Android ecosystem but tracking the bloatware apps too that has nothing to do with google services?? Yeah, time to go.

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Every time I enter Google's privacy settings, I find yet another setting that's just collecting information off of me.

Why would I want to know what apps I've been opening at what times? No, I don't need to know that I opened Twitter at 5:44pm followed by Discord at 5:47 🙄

It's truly annoying how limited Chromium is for history retention time when for Internet Explorer/Legacy Edge, we could have set it to 999 days. 3 months is an extremely small amount in comparison.

It's really annoying because school literally drowned everything else out of my history and I have no idea what the names of half of the sites I'm looking for right now

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I also hate how limited history on desktop browsers are now. Yes, I want to be able to go a year in the past and find that one (1) website I've been thinking of for months thank you very much

Wattpad has to be the slowest website on the internet omg how can a page has such slow JavaScript in 2021

I totally forgot today is April Fools, I can't believe March is over already

The more I interact with Spanish tweets, the more kick myself for not taking advantage of the environment I had when I was younger

idk where the energy comes from but it's there and I wish I can build just a 1/10th of that for my own things

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me working on my personal projects: i sleep 💤
me working on other person's projects: LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!

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Not me awake 1 o'clock in the morning looking at font licenses

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