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I don't really mind the new voice lines? It kinda fits with the cutscenes and the like? But it is depressing for Mondstadt idol and OG Vtuber to sounds this down in the dumps.

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So I finally got around to actually listening to Babara lines (even though she's been in the party since 1.3 dropped) and damn does she sound sad

I just watched someone kill a ruin guard with Amber without attacking its weak point and I'm like "...child what are you even doing??"

At least it's a polearm so I can just give that to Xiao because White Tassel wasn't looking nice lol

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I pulled on the banner for Qiqi, Mona and Keqing and was really excited when I saw it went gold but all I got was a 5* weapon ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Tried adding a friend on GI only to realise we're on different server ๐Ÿ˜ข

Yo that new boss in ridiculous, it's gonna sit there for a very long time lol

Do I pull for weapons or do I pull for constellations for Xiao or do I pull for Mona and co. or do I save for Ayaka or do I pull

How do people have the energy to play multiple gacha games, I'm barely maining one and I need this to slow down

Grinding multiple characters up to the limit is resource intensive and I don't have the energy for it. I'm low-key glad I don't have the other five stars because I'll be dead

I also realised that I'm extremely low on weapons for refining yikes (I have less than 80 or something in inventory) where do I find more of those lol

This was even easier than when I was pulling for Ganyu 'cause that tool like 2 ten pulls wow

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Y'all I got him on my first pull!! Where was this luck when I drained every last gem on Albedo.

I really need to get a Geo character soon that's not Noelle soon too

I feel sorry for Sucrose sitting there, I'm sorry but you're not Venti or Jean and you're definitely not Xiao and you know you can be great but I'm sorry you're still a lvl 1 character in my bag

I don't think I have enough primogems to be pulling wishes anyway

I don't know if I want to get Ningguang or Chongyun for the redemption part. I won't take any of the others since I already have them and tbf, I won't take them for conversion to constellations 'cause I don't use any of them rip

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