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cosmoP's songs and other related insanities should not be allowed to be in rhythm games click send

Watch me end up in the same predicament when I get a terabyte

tmw you bookmark a tweet so you can read it later but when you come back, it's gone 😭

I just want to go back out to school so I can properly focus in the environment made for it 😫

Doing quizzes online at home is the absolute worst

Translating content you enjoy is truly a fun way to build vocabulary and solidify grammar. I surely wasn't going to enjoying it as much if I was just going through a list.

Now I'm going to have to clean up the junk this technician left behind

I hate when people go with the default option when installing software. No, I do NOT want Chrome installed on my computer.

【ゲキヤク / Gekiyaku】泥の分際で私だけの大切を奪おうだなんて【UTAUカバー+UST】’ by 𝕄𝕚𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕒𝕟🌸𝟙𝟝 on ?

Running a trial with Edge as my default, might be moving from Firefox who knows

(looks at KH) I can feel the dark fantasy already

I'm mostly likely not going to play the new entry of the FF series but damn, it really be looking lit

When did TWEWY get an anime? What rock kept this from me??

Anyone have any resources on improving one's efficiency in Spanish?

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