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I already didn't get Childe and now I have to decide between Zhongli, Yanfei and Eula? Insont have enough free primos for this

People being surprised during the Archon quest has be so confused. Like, yay! You managed not to figure it out until the end but boy do I see this from a mile away lol

I think my favourite part is the timing feature; I haven't used it in depth yet but the ability to change when the onset and coda plays is a life raft lol

The vibrato control will take some getting used to but I like how the pitch is directly on the notes and I don't have to die like with Vocaloid's PIT/PBS

Did Zunko just did what I think she just did?

Watch me start to use ruby markup on my site for no reason at all lol

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The nerd in me will go "let's use IPA!" but anything would be a great help for words that aren't pronounced as it looks and the actual pronunciation is way out of thought.

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The English Language hasn't had a spelling reform in so long to keep up with sound changers that having ruby characters for current spelling would be a great help to a lot of people.

I could have swore I heard that song in 2015 or something. It can't only be 4 years since that song came out

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me: wow, this song is really old!
song release date: 2017
me: wait wait wait, it should be older than this!!

From the their Twitter banner, it does seem that a few of the series are missing (I guess that's what they mean by most) but wow, official distribution. In the West. Legally. Wow

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The evil really has been defeated. I never thought I would see the day where Macross would be available in the West wow

You remember that tweet about the song I forgot that fell somewhere in the "Hannah Montana and co." portion of my brain?

The song was from Victorious.

I've already translated a few songs using the current corpus and I'm tempted to start afresh but it took a lot of time and effort to get to where it is so perhaps not

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I need to find a better way to develop vocabulary because I can already feel how gross this is gonna be in actual use

Counting down the days until this semester is finished

I didn't pull him but at least I got another chance to play as him in trial 😢

I haven't used Fischl since I pulled Keqing a while back and neither do I use Razor so it's like... why do I have you guys? Why didn't I pull Barbara?

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