I always try so hard to get the characters on the banner when I know perfectly well that I'm just going to be using the main four anyway

That's strange, I'm sure I have deferred updates enabled for feature updates but yeat 2004 is already in my update list? I guess I'm not updating my computer any time soon

I don't think I've ever seen this much free space on a computer in my entire life lol

I can't wait to have all my programs on one drive again and do away with workarounds hh

I'll finally be able to feel at ease with my storage space, at least until I'm in the same situation again but that should take a while (I hope)

Bootstrap 5 brings a lot of things, things that I would love to implement so I'll probably just give myself enough time to finally kick the bucket in regards to IE.

I would love to upgrade the shite to Bootstrap 5 but I have a shtick for wanting to support the lowest common denominator even when its not supported anymore (looks at Internet Explorer)

@samgai ๐Ÿค” I guess it depends on whatever your first calculation is considered a check or not

At least this time, I didn't have the impending doom of high winds and low temps threatening to kill me so it was a bit easier but wow do I love how my fear of heights don't hinder me in games

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I really feel like I have One Thought because before I even opened up the map for the area, the first thing that came to mind was "let's climb this for no other reason than the fact that I can"

I haven't the faintest idea when I'm actually going to continue with the main story quests but for now I'm content with activate waypoints and any world quests I encounter along the way as the game continues to update lol

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Open world games would be the death of me. Do you see that path right there to go up the mountain? Of course not, I'm blind so let me scale it instead.

We all know what kind of body figures we're going to get for Genshin's Archons but can we have some variety down the ladder for the other units thanks

Alright, that's enough Genshin for the next 3 months or so, time to shift focus to FEH

I finally reached the top of Dragonspine and when I got back to the adventurer's guild point, this chef comes with a quest to go get chilled meat. I just came from dying multiple times to the cold, you want me to go Back ๐Ÿ™„

I completed the fourth quest of the event in Genshin and if they thought I was going to battle that dragonspire 15 more times they have to be insane

On that note, I'm definitely not watching the live action for True Beauty. I've seen more than enough Korean romances and I don't need to add another one to the pile.

The Sweet Home live action was more of a let down than I thought it would be. I was digging the changes in the story and was hoping the pace at the beginning would be consistent throughout the show but I was greatly disappointed.

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