Some of those tabs were there for more than an Entire Year and it's insane how I just close them for all this time

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Managed to reduce my open tabs from near 700 to 138 and hhhhh, there was a lot of letting go

I also need to tighten those permissions for file writing because it shouldn't be doing _that_

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So the comment sections works on the shared group server (which is configured for PHP) and not my server (Apache Generic) so I'll be using the group's for hosting the comment server for the time being

Now that I'm using static site generators more often, it's time to learn a CSS preprocessor

I wish there was a way to just, merge the two together and it'll throw the differences into [data-theme] or something so I won't have to do it but knowing how most of these tools work, it's going to come out not human manageable.

After merging and making sure that it works the way it has to work, I have to make a _third_ theme cause my site has three themes you know I'm bored like that

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Merging the two css files for the comment system together for theming purposes and I'm only at line 353 of 1182 on the diff 😢

As much as having analytics and comments are fun, writing a privacy policy is not

This contrasts greatly with Zander where I have "give him any instrument and an hour and he's ready to play anything for you"

Was going through the stuff I wrote about Estonia and one line has "they doesn't play anything that requires a sense of pitch and was thus assigned the drums" and I just about died

I'm still getting used to the controller so maybe it's just that but it does feel weird for some reason I can't explain

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Tried playing project diva on an xbox controller and now I want a ds4

The inbox of my main email has 23k unread alone and that isn't even a quarter of unread mail in my entire inbox due to other folders.

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Doing some mailbox cleanup and I realised just how many things I'm subscribed to that I no read

@adlez27 Group idol songs LOVE vocalisations and harmonies and it amazes me that they manage to fit so much all in one space

I can perhaps reduce the number of tracks more since it's only one singer but wow this is a lot

Not me finding the "in the recording studio" version of the song. Can't believe I spent all this time listening to the release trying to figure out harmonies when I could have just listen to that this entire time. gg kosi

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