Instead of doing the actual quest, I'm just running around unlocking waypoints and collecting sigils because for some strange reason exploration is more interesting

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@samgai I'm high-key tempted to make my conlang script into block but I haven't the faintest idea how I'll do it yet rip

I dodged a bullet of starting a web novel with 2k+ chapters but ended up cancelled. I don't want to think of how frustrated it would have felt not getting the end.

Now if only I could get used to be around people so I won't have to wake up so early in the morning

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Whoever said going to the gym was fun

Y'all were right

If Kazuha appears anywhere close to Ayato, I'm gonna cry

She's Everywhere like damn, I need to stop being surprised at this rate

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Not me just noticing that Koiwai Kotori voices Yun Jin is Japanese wow

Yunjin is obviously gonna be my free invite character (I'm so glad I managed to get all on the last event rerun) but rip Shenhe, next time

Do I pull for Zhongli, do I not pull for Zhongli

I don't have 180 pulls saved up to guarantee Yae so I may have to skip him... again...

Wow, headphones for monitoring really sounds different huh

I get why groups tend to drop projects halfway but the MTLs... at least proofread and do a little grammar check before you publish

I'm halfway through the currently translated chapters but I don't want to continue anymore, what a shame

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Was reading a fan translated web novel and there was a clear mark between when the group lost their translator and ended up going the MTL route sigh

everyone: damn i can let [X] sing in 3 languages now!
me: i can properly make them sing in this conlang now!

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