I think something is wrong with me...

Did I really read 1000 chapters in a day?

Even if I was thinking of supporting their paid plans, the tone of the email just makes me want to close my account and never look at the site again 🙄

Me, the data hoarder that I am because internet speeds are slow and things fall off the face of the internet at a moment's notice: I'll save this program for future use.

Me, doing a project that should be using side program: This is everything

The program:

I emailed StudioVoICE concerning restrictions on using the software, and this is their reply. tl;dr, it's fine to use it for personal content, but not commercial.

In today's episode in "This is a Simulation: My Life is a Lie"

Why did I not know this

I can't wait for this one to be released. Why do I have a feeling she would be an English voice. Is this my withdrawal symptoms speaking lol

The software itself comes with three voices: 2 females, and one male. Unfortunately, the software requires you to be online at all times since it renders on the server (so similar to Emvoice) as it makes use of Microsoft's AI framework.

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I love writing things out of bounds (the highest note there is C9)

This scares me a lot because it does not feel like I have 100+ tabs open

Be presented with facts and they block you. How very mature.

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