Only Xiangling would look at a Regisvine and go "πŸ€” let's cook it"

I need to find a better way to develop vocabulary because I can already feel how gross this is gonna be in actual use

The voice is this gal right here and I unfortunately don't know one lick of Mandarin so I can't tell you much rip

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Like I'm sorry but what else was I supposed to thinking after reading this? Is he okay with anyone we choose because we're nice? Does he want _us_ to settle down with him??

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Y'all I got him on my first pull!! Where was this luck when I drained every last gem on Albedo.

I somehow managed to use 200 GB in the past two weeks or so and I'm not sure where it all went

I think something is wrong with me...

Did I really read 1000 chapters in a day?

Even if I was thinking of supporting their paid plans, the tone of the email just makes me want to close my account and never look at the site again πŸ™„

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