The mask glitch is really beautiful, I really hope they don't patch it

We're also arrived at the cursed existence that is world level 8. I was barely surviving on 7 ugh

Using a line from CLASS::CIEL_NOSURGE; as a test

tbh, the Soulspeak could have been all in one line and it would still be considered valid but for readability, I decided to split them up

My current stash of characters in Genshin. Looking at it in this format really shows just how much I have.

Seeing Sayu scratched off when the banner hasn't even ended hurts a lot

Testing some pitches I did for Yami yesterday for tone practice. Maybe, just maybe, he might get released this year.
Song: 私へ by supercell

This is a really, really cool program. It's like an offline version of the hymmnoserver without the detailed grammar but this is nice.

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