For the mutuals that do, why do y'all delete tweets after a period of time? Sometimes I'm looking for a thread but I can't find it because half of the tweets are gone lol

@VocAddict I don't do it yet but I'd like to have my toots deleted after a period of time so that my account has less value for potential scrapers.

@samgai See that's a concern for me as well but my information hoarder self doesn't like the thought of information disappearing from the face of the public internet forever so it's like, how do I compromise here for memory purposes

@VocAddict Mastodon lets you download an archive of your posts, so you can do that before you delete them.

This won't help you save other people's posts, though. And it's questionable whether you should.


@samgai Yeah since it's not my content it feels weird wanting to preserve it but considering there are archival sites that do precisely that it's weird. Where do we draw the line between content preservation and infringing on people's personal thoughts

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@VocAddict Good question. A lot of fedi posts fall in the grey area in between. People share a lot of their personal thoughts here and it's easy to imagine that some of them would even object to calling those thoughts "content".

@samgai I guess that's the problem with social media in its design. On one hand, it's personal but on the other, the person on the other side of the screen may not consider it as such. Too much intermingling of information I guess.

@VocAddict This is what has always baffled me about Twitter, and now all of its clones on fedi: how they managed to make people share their personal thoughts, something private and time-sensitive, on the Internet, which is by default public and permanent.

And here I am doing it, too.

@samgai Yep, I have a private Twitter for when I feel like tweeting but having no following to see it because there's really a time and place for what is said. Not everything should be said in a public space.

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