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me: I should probably do the main story
also me: oh? there's guilds? I guess I can do the story later

I say until I remember how long scrabble matches have went

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I know I'm still in the tutorial but wow, 30 play point cards? I'm gonna spend that long on a single match?

Watch me being an M and set the text to Spanish and the voice to Japanese and not make it past the tutorial

I've had it downloaded for the longest while and I've never opened it but I spent the day making up a chess variant and playing cards so I guess I'm in the mood

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Am I finally going to play Shadowverse? It's more likely than you think

This... Am I going to have enough wishes to get all of them?

This year's setlist was shorter than usually ones so I'm grateful at least each of them got one but boy, it felt like the same old for Meiko and Kaito

I'm gonna need a Vocaloid concert but instead it's "Miku's Friends" because this one song per not-Miku concerts aren't cutting it anymore

I knew something looked different with Kaito but I didn't notice it was the coat lol

Now the true question is whether I'm going to stay up for Pinocchio-P and Utsu-P

Not ending with ODDS&ENDS or Tell Your World smh these youngsters I tell you, in my day we started off with World is Mine and-

Must say I enjoyed it a lot, was nice to catch it live


This outfit is just.... I don't know how to put it into words

"last song for the show"
Yeah right Miku, we know how this works

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