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Testing some pitches I did for Yami yesterday for tone practice. Maybe, just maybe, he might get released this year.
Song: 私へ by supercell

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Oh wow, it's December. It's Lexember already

Twitter isn't giving me live tweets notifications for the people I have notifications on for and I'm like ???

Whole week I've been wondering if people have just been offline but noo, Twitter just being dumb as usual

Standard banner* but yeah, gonna have to figure out who I'm going to use this on

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I really hate this because as much as I remember what I wrote about, I know the moment I try to write it again it's going to change the thought of it happening is quite depressing

Usually they'll be a text file where I take notes as I write the chapter but that's not there either and I don't feel like starting over again

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I vividly remember writing a chapter of the book I'm doing for NaNo but when I went back to continue it it's not there? I'm sure it wasn't a dream but there's no trace of it anywhere...

Didn't think it would take me for Webtoon to tell me "X and 20 others have updated" to let me know that I'm probably reading a bit too much on a daily basis

My NaNo word count has been increasing not because of the actual book but the glossary and background information that I keep churning out lol

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Writing really is a pain sometimes. Most times all I want to do is worldbuild like, what's a plot? I need to write prose? Ha, here's a history book instead.

It feels even better when the book you never got to finish is there and completed!

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That feeling when you rediscover an author you thought fell off the face of the internet, pure bliss

I just noticed that this banner has both Thoma and Sayu, the two 4* I don't have but I must not pull. I can't let this guaranteed 5* go to waste on Hu Tao

I'm so tempted to use the phrase "not gonna lie" in the novel I'm writing for NaNo but the setting of the book doesn't allow it

Went on Wattpad for the first time in a while and it's sad to see that some of the authors I actively read and supported are no longer there... I'll miss them.

If I got write 5k words in a after 1 in the morning, I can definitely write 50k over 30 days

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NaNo is coming up, gotta start getting those creative juices flowing again

Huh, lately it seems that Wikipedia hasn't been ranking as highly as it once did on DDG compared to other search engines. I wonder what's the reasoning for that.

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