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Testing some pitches I did for Yami yesterday for tone practice. Maybe, just maybe, he might get released this year.
Song: 私へ by supercell

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Having carry me in the abyss because I'm bad at it

My artifacts be trash and I used a lot of HP pieces as fodder just yesterday but at lesat they're all semibuilt now

Cyno came home after
- Losing 50/50 to Tighnari
- C4 Candace
- 3 Sayus bringing her to C6
- 100 wishes and fully broke

Geiky got Cyno and Tighnari one after the other in the same pull and I'm like aslkfjsalkdfds
He got Cyno _and_ C1 Tighnari _and_ guarantee like I never get that kind of luck

Well, I need to get a way for it to be maintained if Jekyll is gonna build these pages properly based off them

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Huh, git isn't good at all for maintaining file attributes like modified time gross

Teddyloid and Giga are collaborating a _lot_ and I'm all for it

Elergy is on that banner which means if I decide to pull on it, I'm gonna get it twice before the staff

Webrings are really cool and I really wish people would make use of them more on their personal sites with friends and colleagues. It's literally free advertising

Ah so it was shadows but hyv could have the effects of lighting be a lot less drastic to the skin

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Can someone really please tell me why in the world the Eremites are so much darker on PS5 than they are _anywhere_ else or am I doing something wrong

I was trying to remember why Cyno's VA sounds so familiar and then I saw it's because of Vanitas. It feels like I was thrown a decade into the past.

I need to find a way to integrate Jekyll and AppVeyor together for a more improved CI.

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