me: writes very nonstandard string
me, trying to record: ta_ta_fo_shAsh_mOt_pEt.. wait what?

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I like developing reclists but recording them is not fun because I end up taking more time making sure I remember the strings to sing it naturally, than just singing them.

is anyone going to see it? no


can i draw? no
am i going to be drawing for harvest avanna? yes


2020, you're going by too quickly, please slow down

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CSS is so wonky that it makes you feel like a goddamn rocket scientist for making a custom styled checkbox correctly.

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how do you pronounce "moresampler"?

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Today is the 10th year since my UTAU Hana was released.

In honor, today she is receiving CVVC support thanks to @VocAddict, new illustrations by Vieri, and a new DeepVocal VB thanks to Infoholic and @MystSaphyr.

Hana was a key player in me starting to do vocalsynth work, learn how to use a DAW, and eventually start making music. Thank you to everyone who helped me get this together in time for this day.

The past couple weeks has made me motivated to record Yami but at the same time, it's seems that the older I get, the less time I have for myself so getting time to actually record is non-existent.

I'm not sure whether I prefer long-haired or short-haired version... they're both so great

I can't believe it's been 5 years since I've been using vocal synthsz and how little I have to show for it over that period of time.

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Any person looking for a good, free video editor, you should check out ! I made a very informal tutorial for it and it goes over the very barebones basics, but that should be enough to get you started!

You can get it here:
Personal mirror⟶

Please read the video description before you export your first video!!

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Notepad++ is possibly one of the most important pieces of software on my computer, and I'm not even much of a coder.

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Heads up to anyone who joined VocaLounge today for : if you're interested in using Mastodon but worried about keeping up something besides Twitter, there's a very good crossposter you can use!

I'm listening to VoXenuS for the first time in a while and I don't feel grossed out by my own voice?? What manner of magic is this?

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I translated the setParam plugin development guidelines to English. Despite plugins being hidden under the automatic estimation menu, you could probably do pretty much anything you want in terms of oto editing. I'm going to experiment with it!

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please do not put autoplaying audio on your utau's website

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Vocaloid culture is drawing a character wearing a headset mic holding a stand mic

The lack of online international payment methods for here truly sucks..

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