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Testing some pitches I did for Yami yesterday for tone practice. Maybe, just maybe, he might get released this year.
Song: 私へ by supercell

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"movable do" has made me its lapdog to the point where I don't even think I can do "fixed do" anymore and I'm not sure how I should feel about that

Am I really going to have to wait for Scaramouche to drop to get another electro male added to this game because that is what it feels like

Razor continues to be the sole electro male sigh

Was reading up on some astronomy and I know authors are free with their artistic licenses but all I can think about now when I'm reading xianxia novels is "was this planet terraformed because at this size, this should be a gas planet" and my brain Won't Stop

I just spent the past 30 minutes racking my brain trying to determine what went wrong (didn't help that I don't know a lick of Portuguese) only to realise that Row is Lin and it should be L0C00...

I learnt my lesson.

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Day #2914 of Excel and I not being friends

So I did up a spreadsheet for a friend, complete with formulas and whatnot and sent it them knowing that it would automatically translate into their system's language.

Lo and behold, all the formulas did translate Except for R0C00...

I guess I can try sate my craving for school by getting around to doing an ACCA exam or actually practice for DELE and JLPT

A MSc in Cybersecurity looks nice but unfortunately, my first degree is not in that field so if I want to get that I'll have to spend another 3+ years before starting that one and.... do I _really_ want to spend so much time in school again?

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It's funny how I went from "I never want to go through another 4 year programme" to "I really want to go back to school" under the span of a year.

Is this the year I catch up with Doctor Who or do I continue to let it pile up after not finishing 13's first season.

Now that 2.7 is delayed, are we going to have a period with basically nothing to do but grind domains

Ah, I found my problem. Where is the purple?? She doesn't feel like flower with the total lack of it, and I'm getting a sort of ONE vibe from her

At least they kept some semblance of flower for her Talk bank but this, this is not flower I'm sorry...

This reminds me of what happened with IA AI Song

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This.... This isn't flower who is this girl??

The primos from this patch was insane, I haven't won 50/50 in such a long time

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Doesn't help that a lot of the royal/noble ranks are left untranslated so there's the weird soup of Chinese and weirdly translated titles happening in the same sentence.

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Reading a fan-translated Chinese novel and terms being translated into English in a hyphenated form instead of something more appropriate ("this subject-nephew" vs "this loyal nephew") will drive me up a wall.

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