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The geo characters have a vendetta against me
- I never pulled Noelle after the beginner's banner, which was guaranteed
- I missed Albedo, I got some other 5-star character
- I'm at 80 pity for Zhongli and there's no way I'm hitting hard pity
- Ningguang hates me too

The banner: Zhongli
Time left: 4 days
Primos: 0
Zhongli: Not home

Can we also talk about the design?? (chefs kiss)

SOLARIS is beautiful. This is what happens when you get an actual singer to record your banks, compounded with the use of a reclist that leans to a more natural sound and this is only the test bank.

At least if I don't get him, my pity will be high enough to ensure I get whoever I want next... unless there's a 4-star character that I really want and somehow getting an (unwanted) 5-star along the way.

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Someone in a server I'm in had to pull 150 times for Zhongli and now I'm scared if I'm even going to make it myself

It's that time of the year when I try to write Japanese lyrics

Now if only I could hurry up and learn how to sight read tabs so I can hear guitars too...

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It's reached the point where outside of a select few instruments, I Must do it on sheet music first before moving over to the DAW to continue and it kinda hurts because that could have been time wasted but at least I can work on it on the go unlike a piano roll.

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It's weird, idk if it's just me, but I can't look at a screenshot on the piano roll and get an idea at what in the world it should sound like but I can do that with sheet music! And much quicker at that!

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My friends tend to ask me "why do you keep using scores for composition when you're gonna be using a DAW anyway" and the response I come up with every time is that "I can't hear the piano roll!"

Didn't get to finish flower's song in time for her birthday this year but hopefully I get it done before the year is over

I'm in the mood to self cover this upcoming original I'm writing so much

Still getting used to the fact that I went from artefact RNG to chopping wood. Levelling up characters? Nah, I have a world to build.

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