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There is now a discord server for WavConfigTool
WavConfigTool or WCT is a program designed to generate any kind of oto.ini for UTAU, it has been used now for a while in Russian community.
There is a brief video in English
This server is managed by Heiden, creator of WCT and Russian CVC, she made it since more foreign users started to appear using WCT. If you are already working with it or would like to learn more about WCT - welcome to the server.

After the many "mistakes" you have done, one of which can ruin a person's life and get them killed, the lack of accountability and inability to provide evidence to back up such claims just makes you look like an attention-seeking, insensitive bastard riding on the hurt of others.

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People like VocDelinquents give the community a bad rep.

Baseless claims, accusations that can get people arrested, using people's names and experiences as scapegoats in a personal vendetta, "owo we made a woopsie, sowwie <3"

…I don't even know where to start but just Stop.

Anyway, that list has some really great producers that I'm sure most of you haven't heard of so make sure to check them out because hating on the first place doesn't support those who did not!

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But being a Vocaloid producer from outside of Japan or China or Korea doesn't automatically put you in a 100% western context. And I wish we could acknowledge that a bit more. Call us overseas producers, because that's what I am.

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Not all English speakers are physically in the west, and not all English speakers are from western culture! The "East" is seen as a locked-off entirely separate world literally only because of the language barrier

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I'm honestly really tired of people calling the English-speaking community "Western".

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@VocAddict Yeah, the way I see it, GHOST won because a significant portion of the voting population agreed that they're another producer on the regular listening list, not because it's the One True Fave of the community

For those who are "upset" that Ghost took the 1st place, it's a new generation. People tastes change. Things change. People like Ghost, that's why they won.

For people who think we are angry that Ghost won, we're not. Some of us are just trapped in the past and expected more.

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I can't believe people really believe that the disappointment over producer ranking is actual anger and hatred towards Ghost.

Y'all forgetting that it was a 12 choice form and not who's your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. I don't know why you all are so surprised tbvh

The one thing about using a dongle is that I need to remember to plug it in before I open the DAW lol.

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webdevs: if you're going to have inline svg icons (especially for things that Unicode already provides), you can afford an inline width="16" on them so it doesn't look like shit when your CSS fails to load.

I think I might be getting my USB e-licenser today.

I emailed StudioVoICE concerning restrictions on using the software, and this is their reply. tl;dr, it's fine to use it for personal content, but not commercial.

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In today's episode in "This is a Simulation: My Life is a Lie"

Why did I not know this

Okay y'all, it's been nice. Need to top up on my 3 hours of sleep tank.

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