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flower and Len sound sooo good together I feel blessed

Alguien tiene que morir was really something...

Friends was for an utau debut album that got disbanded. ab'di was for AHS 10th, and pretty much the remainder in the pipeline are for anniversaries and the like.

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It hurts but (album) deadlines are the only thing keeping me going creatively haha

My child trapped in purgatory is turning 5 next year and it feels weird to think that Yami is actually turning *5*

I can't wrap my mind around that amount of money being spent on a single event and throwing in the same amount as extra just cause like

Yes, here's 600k for the bragging rights, and another 600k

you know

just 'cause

Y'all I'm scared

That was 1.2 million yen just...poof

I think my VocAddict card just got revoked

ever felt so exhausted that even sleep has left you?

yeah, that's me in print

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@VocAddict her hair was falling out from the stress of being in the vocaloid engine but now that she's stress free it's growing back naturally

Miku finally got a scalp transplant for her balding issue

Though I guess it's not as strange as Gossip Girl fanfic writers

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It's weird to think that people are still writing Glee fanfics in 2020

Switching from a touchscreen device to a keyboard/mouse for games is painful ngl

Just noticed the safety pin on Miku's outfit for Leo/need and wow do I not like it,,,,,

I'm going to have to reread of all this after I play a few songs but I guess the best way to learn is by immersion.

Not knowing Japanese is really messing up my understand of the story in Project Sekai...

I see people complaining about the changing in RT behaviour when it's the exact amount of clicks?

Before you click the icon and pick the option, but now it just just merges it into one and you either give text or not and click the retweet button?

I don't see the problem here..

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