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I can Finally use Spotify in my country took them long enough

I'm looking forward to that quest from Katheryne and Hu Tao's story quest. The next nation might take a while but at least we're getting some lore in the meantime.

I hate this so much. I watched Hu Tao's attacks and talents on Hoyolab and I now I want to pull her despite already having enough characters on my plate

The songs on disk 2 of Pinocchio-P's best 2009 - 2020 really take me back wow

"Catch me dead in a domain" I say only to realise I have no materials for weapon ascension

"kosi...why the hell are you doing spiral abyss?"
i'm sorry i have zero quests and nothing to do with my life right now okay
"there's the domains and bos--"

The irritation I felt when I saw the two team split nearly made me yeet my phone across the room but then I remembered I still had Amber and Kaeya at 60, and Babara at 50 so it was playable but hhhh I'm not touching Spiral Abyss until I level up them up

Genshin Gamers: You only need to level up your main team of 4
Spiral Abyss Floor 5: Hi there

Looking at it, I did pull everyone on that banner sans Keqing so my luck was pretty decent this time around compared to the Albedo and Zhongli banners

But now I'm broke in primogems again rip, I hope I get her before the up rate ends

I did pull Ningguang though so that reduced my struggle in having to choose between her and Chongyun and, I got two constellations for Babara while I was at it so it's not that much of a failure

45 wishes and no Keqing... I hope this doesn't turn into another Geo failure season

At least I can unlock those story quests that have been sitting there for ages now

I knew I should have done the character ascension quest when it first showed up; now the world level is up by 2 and getting one-shot by a hydro abyss mage bubble...

I don't know if it's just me but did this event just send me to get treasure locked behind a key? 🙄

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