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Being a f2p player in a gacha game is a stressful endeavour when you want to pull on every banner but yet don't put the maximum effort to scrap currency

I ask for a rerun between banners bu I can already feel it being a character I don't have but also want hhhh

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I'm already avoiding Ayaka and Yoimiya to stack on primos but I have to get Baal so I really hope they don't drop Thoma, Gorou or Kokomi before her

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I took a look at the upcoming characters for Inazuma and boy I hope these banners have some reruns between them to rebulid my pity because I want them all

I knew it was too good to be true but at least we're getting the character

It feels like I'm dreaming, I can't wait for gameplay videos of her

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I cannot believe our first free 5 star character is from a collab with Horizon, I'm dreaming right?

I enjoyed it but.. is it bad that I expected a bit more from the premise? Like, that same plot could have been done and not so.. bland I guess? At least the songs were nice.

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I think I'm more annoyed about the wasted potential more than anything else like it could have been *so* much better.

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Inazuma is really to large for me to do in one sitting; at least I managed to get the statue to lvl 2 and unlock mots of the waypoints

I thought Dragonspine was bad but it looks like Inazuma wants me dead a whole lot more

Can someone remind me of who the next couple banners are going to be? I'm not sure if it was confirmed or not be seeing that I have all the 4* on the current banner, it doesn't make much sense to pull.

Then again, more constellations never hurt.

But I wish luck to all those who are pulling for her! My the RNG be in your favour.

My gameplay is alright but nothing really to make me want to pull her unlike Childe whom I've failed to get on both times

I didn't manage to pull Kazuha last banner which means the chance of me pulling Ayaka is very high unless I fail 50/50. I'm not sure if I should pull or not even though my want for Ayaka is like the lowest out of all the 5 stars I've seen till now.

One moment we're setting up a virtualenv and the next there's apparently some minified JS file I'm stopped to be adding to my site? How did I reach here?

Being a web dev (and programming on a whole) sucks and I'm glad I didn't go into IT because wow is it annoying to troubleshoot and debug problems

"assuming you have set up nginx"

I have not and I'm not willing to break my site trying to get one optional festure because you failed to have a proper installation guide.

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The one thing i hate about open source software is the assumption that everyone is a power user and proper documentation is a myth. I don't enjoy havi g to read through source code to figure something out when it should be Right There in plain black and white.

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