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Testing some pitches I did for Yami yesterday for tone practice. Maybe, just maybe, he might get released this year.
Song: 私へ by supercell

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Been thinking of learning Mandarin seeing how much I've been interacting with things in that language but I don't think I can handle both that and Japanese at the same time...

It's not so bad to throw everything you off but bad enough that it feels so intrinsically MTL in a way that I can't help feel at times if they just don't notice it coming across in their writing

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I read quite a bit of fan translated novels and sometimes I wonder if translators/proofreaders/editors take off spellcheck because their grammatical choices have me questioning a lot lately

Apparently I didn't do my dailies for the week so far and that somehow slipped my mind wow

I'm finally out of web dev hell (for now) and I'm hoping that I'll be able to work on that song I've been putting off for the past couple weeks now because of it

vocal synth fanfic writers really have a lot in common huh

I wonder if any of my friends are joining in, or if they even know..

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NSOTF seems really neat, shame I can't draw to save my life lol so I'll just be watching y'all have the fun and looking forward to how it turns out

Excel makes the world go round and I lowkey hate yet love how every place I've worked in across multiple industries uses it instead of, you know, the software made for it

Leaving these quests until now _really_ was a mistake; why oh why is there so much exploration on this single piece of land

*looks at Xinyan's arts*
Oh nice, they gave her Noblesse cool
*looks at Kazuha's*
Wait, why would they give him Noblesse instead of VV
*looks at Fischl's*
T-This can't be right
*looks at Mona's*

Oh this is fun, I can finally experience what a level 90 Xinyan is like

Leaving all of these quests right before they end was a mistake

I'd also love some feedback on some license choices I'm making but I don't know anyone for said feedback and too shy to go outside that circle to ask

inb4 I make my own framework (please stop me if I do go down that road)

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Another thing that I need to get used to is other frameworks than Bootstrap. Or to be more exact, use from source with my own stylings instead of going in the opposite direction.

Now that I've gotten the hang of site making with Jekyll, maybe it's time to move on to a CMS like Wordpress or another static site generator like Hugo

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