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Hey everyone! I'm VoXil, a vocal synth user from Trinidad and Tobago. I'm a novice composer and lyricist, and I primarily use and though I hope to release songs with the others soon. ^^

I also do a bit of , and trying my hand at this year though I don't have anything to share with yet, but feel to talk to me about these things. I'll be sharing anything I make under the tag for easier tracking.

Nice too meet you all.

My best part of using vocal synths is being able to use them in all manners of ways to make them sound the way you want but that's also the worst part.

Hey, so if you try to compare the vocalsynth community's use of synthesized vocals and even AI to people who try to "cut corners" by not hiring voice talent, I can and will snap at you. Do not even make that comparison. Don't you dare. I've spent too many years dealing with the stigma "Vocaloid producers use them as placeholder vocals because they can't afford real vocalists" and that was *before* AI came into play.

Speaking of coming out of my comfort zone, Sol County Fair was a step in that direction since it made use of Guitars(tm), an instrument I actively avoid lol. It was an enjoyable experience then so I'm hoping for similar going forward on the electric side of things

I've been reading and watching quite a bit of tutorials over the past couple months so I'm more than a bit excited to put what I've learnt to the test.

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I'm slowing coming out of the comfort zone called ballads by trying my hand at something rock-esque and I'm liking what I have so far

Doubling Avanna's tracks so she doesn't get drowned out by the other vocals

If you haven't figured it out yet, lyric writing is the bane of my existence

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I was going through my scores folder and realised I have a bit of basically finished pieces that I could use... sans lyrics

My new song 'Sol County Fair' featuring SOLARIA is out on SoundCloud! I wrote it for the SOLARIA Crowdfunding Anniversary Original Song Contest.

Gotta love free plugins requiring the use of a paid software. Yes, I'm looking at you Kontakt

"Praise be the Mother for another bountiful harvest!"

The Great Harvest feat. AVANNA



My new song 'The Great Harvest' featuring AVANNA is set to premiere at 4:45 PM AST.

Kudos to for organising the event and for the art!

"You're just avoiding the truth by using another keyboard instrument"
Shhhhhh, it's percussion

I've dipped my feet into percussion and the first instrument shall be the marimba (sorry drums, I'll get to you eventually)

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