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Listening to classical music when Blue Danube starts playing and my blood pressure fucking starts spiking

This bootleg shirt has so much to unpack. The fact it's spelled Ultraman super wrong. The fact its not even Ultraman and is Kamen Rider Kuuga. The goddamn color scheme.

Just saw dalgona being referred to as "Squid Game cookie" and I cannot for the life of me articulate how pissed it makes me for some reason

So my friend was thoroughly convinced that the title was "Hound of the Bakersfields" instead of "Hound of the Baskervilles" and like I kept trying to correct him and he was so insistent LMAO and finally when we looked it up he went quiet and muttered "am I dyslexic"

Playing TGAA and I love Natsume Soseki. Oh my god

I find it so weird that there are people posting underneath art with "wow wish this was an N/F//T" like dude why? You are currently viewing the art FOR FREE this very moment what do you wanna throw fake internet money at this art for?

Unironically lost twitter followers because I started watching Squid Game and like
You know what? I get it. I get how annoying it is when people will not stop talking about [xyz] thing and I am sorry about that LOL

is anyone free RN and in my discord friends list wanna just chitchat because I'm bored out of my mind and I really want to just talk to someone about random shit

Visual novel but every character that appears has a health bar and it's never explained

I'm excited to watch more SG but the discourse and takes on the show are making me so mad like y'all this isn't about the US??? The show deals with Korean classism and power dynamics and you cannot project American values onto it

Do these EN EFF TEE dudes know you can get cooler looking jpegs for free on Picrew

my internet was out when I got home and it finally came back now sob sob

I think my favorite part about Kingdom Hearts as a non fan and a non player is all the memes that came about all these years so just to be clear I don't hate the game series LOL

Now Sakurai can rest and that's what I'm happy about

I wads JUST complaining that you cannot play a main title KH game on a Nintendo console and then they're like "we are porting them to Switch"

I will sit the fuck down now

Really think they should've added another Fire Emblem character in Smash

I didn't grow up with Kingdom Hearts so I literally could not care less but congrats to the folk whose first anime crush was Sora KH or whatever

I'm pouring one out for the Doom and Dark Souls fans today
I'm sure Nintendo needed some big money bribes their studios couldn't afford 😔

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