There's like a fandom for classical composers and people draw fanart and everything and I cannot believe I'm out here thinking Shostakovich looks handsome and thinking damn maybe I should be listening to classical music if they be looking hot

Everyone annoyed by the new Discord notification sound but you see no one ever talks to me so I have no idea what that sound is

My Lupin III Part 6 (first half) mid season review so far: it has been so... Meh. It feels like things happen and Lupin is just coincidentally there in the corner. When the main character's/cast's screen time per ep is like less than 20% of the episode then what's the point

Someone stole the master copy of my documents so now I can't make extra copies and I don't know where the digital master is either so I'm fucked

I started laughing so hard at a video that I think I injured myself

I know we joke about Miyazaki going in an out of retirement like a pendulum but I'm wondering what it's like to be a creative in the industry trying to retire when you have so many more stories you want to tell and things you want to show
Is it torturous? An exhausting ennui?

Watching JoJo Part 6 and like
I'm barely a minute in and I'm just like YEAAAAAAAAH TIME FOR THIS NONSENSE WHOOO

I got my booster shot so I'm ready to go have a lethargic weekend LMAO

I really miss Kiyoteru and being a part of the Vocaloid fandom but I cannot muster the power to make anything for him this year :(

I straight up almost introduced myself as "Dr. Taro" to a patient instead of my actual name
I wanna KMS

Imagine being a doctor and showing up to your own doctors appointments late

At work the playlist they have the song Airplanes and like I keep thinking of Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle 😭

Me playing Pikmin Bloom and giving the little guys some nectar: TAKE A FUCKING SIP, BABES

Listening to a remix album and guys, what is up with remixes that sound nothing like the original song
Like I'm straining to even recognize what song is being remixed and like at this point I am certain that this song was put on this album by mistake

There's this one fellow I've been trying to fit with scleral contact lenses since JULY and like I see him essentially every two weeks at this point and like he and I get along so well I love him I am so glad he isn't sick of the whole process LMAO

Saw something that said "MOOT" is short for "my one (and) only treasure" and now I don't know if I can read the words "Twitter moots" without thinking of that

Being a doctor blows like you get your patient schedule for the day and then it's not even correct because they keep shoving patients in

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