New update to my RB shop
Did anyone ask for this? No.
Did I want to do this? Also no, TBH. But here's more SynthV, A.I.Voice, and CeVIO characters

Please :'( C85FBA52 :Battle ID
I need backup!
The Four Primarchs

Ikea furniture building should be a team Olympic sport and whichever team assembles the thing fastest should have acolades and sponsorships

Bouta open a GoFundMe to buy this signed picture of shirtless Jeff Goldblum

I finally finished knitting these Thai tea boba socks and oh my god i love the gradient so much

If anyone asks I'm gonna say I'm dressed as Alice in Wonderland but I'm actually dressed as acclaimed RPG horror game protagonist Aya Drevis from Mad Father (ending version where she becomes a doctor)

They're here!!!! Happy birthday to ME I finally have these keychains 😭😭 thank you for hooking me up with them

Please look at this giant skeleton pouring out this teapot into a fountain

This bootleg shirt has so much to unpack. The fact it's spelled Ultraman super wrong. The fact its not even Ultraman and is Kamen Rider Kuuga. The goddamn color scheme.

A reward for spending 5 hours waiting for Miku macarons

I have a collection of depressed salarymen images on my phone and here is a brief sampler of what's in it

My copy of also came in recently, it is a fantastically formatted book and I'm so glad to see it in physical form 😤

My copy of came in and oh my god it is so cute 😭

Guys. I finally finished knitting these socks. I know nobody is following me for knitting updates but my god I should've been asleep 2 hours ago but here I am with two freshly made socks I'm proud LMAO

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