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Vocal Synth Charm preorders Wave 3 is officially OPEN!
Preorders will be open for a month, and end July 14th.
Sticker, pin, and mask versions are also available at my Redbubble:

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Oh I should make a proper post here about my current various Vocal Synth

Like a character? You name it, I probably got it and if I don't got it, I can add it*

Currently on Wave 2 of charm preorders (Ends Jan 25th).
Wave 3 estimated to open in late May/early June.

Available on

*donation may be required for certain designs due to lack of demand

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Hello I am Taro!
I'm that one crazy person who drew merch for LITERALLY every Vocaloid and some other vocal synths, just so I can flex.

My favorite Vocaloid is Kiyoteru Hiyama. I've been in love with him for the better half of 10 years πŸ˜‚

I have a UTAU named Ama Ebi. 🦐 🍣

γ‚ˆγ‚γ—γγŠι‘˜γ„γ—γΎγ™! this version of Samba Temperado really didn't need to go as hard as it did


Me seeing all the pins delivered got me feeling like those scientists after a successful space shuttle launch TBH

the two pins I sent international are now in the country they're supposed to be in aaaaaaaaaaaaaa please arrive soon

Why is it in English "I hate you" is a term of endearment because I'm out here looking at my favorite characters and thinking "damn I hate you so much (endearing)"

Random night thoughts: are humans the only creatures on this earth that get nosebleeds? Do other animals get nosebleeds?

I need to watch the last season of The Good Place because it freaking wasn't on Netflix when I was binging it and now that I'm reminded about my thirst for Mister Michael Realman I need to see it to the end πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Honestly it's weird to have your art plagiarized and like I'll be honest if you want to trace or ripoff my work at least do it better than me
Trick people into thinking my cruddy art is the trace
That's how you big brain the system

Still pissed at myself that I'm like "man I really do wanna make a Lupin doujin" while the other part of my game is like "woah mama mia cunt you haven't finished your actual zine obligations and you can't draw for shit"

You ever watch a speed draw on youtube and even though you are watching every single step and watching the art take shape right before you it still feels like it just manifested completely perfect at the end of it

TFW I read a webtoon and the drama in it hits too close to home πŸ˜”

I want to be clear I have three hills I am willing to die on:
- anime twinks are not himbos. Only buff beefy guys can be himbos. Physique is important.
- your anime twink is not "thicc" just because they have a bit of ass definition

People really out here calling anime twinks "himbos" because they think himbo means "good naturedly stupid/dense"

Had a dream where I was playing a Wario Land styled game where there was an underwater level and there were cute flavor background mermaids but when returning out with the treasure they turned into really terrifying scary siren mermaids and I feared for my life for some reason

A hot take, perhaps, but I really REALLY want zines to stop being A4 sized
Having a book that large is unnecessary and postal services really wanna bend it to put it into mailboxes.
A5 is such a lovely size and zine hosts need to realize bigger isn't necessarily better

Tonight at 9PM PST my buds and I are gonna be watching the CG Lupin movie (dubbed) so if anyone wants to join and see what's up :p

Woke up from a wild dream in which some twitter teenager's hot take was classical literature is transphobic because it didn't feature trans characters and involved discourse calling out Shakespeare specifically and the worst part was other twitter teens were convinced

Boy I hope I get a job because the first paycheck I'm gonna use is going straight into my student loans 😒
And the second one I might fux around with because I am itching to make enamel pins again (no)

Me at the twitter youths calling another character "old man" when the character is literally 30

what stage of grief am I experiencing today

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