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Vocal Synth Charm preorders Wave 3 is officially OPEN!
Preorders will be open for a month, and end July 14th.
Sticker, pin, and mask versions are also available at my Redbubble:

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Oh I should make a proper post here about my current various Vocal Synth

Like a character? You name it, I probably got it and if I don't got it, I can add it*

Currently on Wave 2 of charm preorders (Ends Jan 25th).
Wave 3 estimated to open in late May/early June.

Available on

*donation may be required for certain designs due to lack of demand

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Hello I am Taro!
I'm that one crazy person who drew merch for LITERALLY every Vocaloid and some other vocal synths, just so I can flex.

My favorite Vocaloid is Kiyoteru Hiyama. I've been in love with him for the better half of 10 years πŸ˜‚

I have a UTAU named Ama Ebi. 🦐 🍣


Me, speaking with a patient for the very first time: alright so what can I help you with
Patient's wife: why are you asking this question it's in the chart are you asking just to confirm


Now that's what I call a news headline

I used to make a lot of self deprecating statements like "LOL imagine if I had talent" or whatever but after having friends straight up tell me it made them sad to hear me insult myself, I stopped
Fear of letting people down > the need to insult myself

Anyways did you know being a doctor sucks ass

I walked in the exam room with my white doctors coat and introduced myself as the doctor and when I started the exam the patient asked "wait are you the doctor I thought you were the nurse"
I know you're here to get your vision checked but maybe get your hearing checked too

If anyone starts quoting Bible verses to justify their bigotry start pulling out the classic anti-Harry Potter fan insults like "go read another book" and see what happens

Who wants to go to Ultramen Japanese restaurant with me and go eat some ramen
Like I think it's gonna fulfil some destiny of mine if I go

Please donate money to me so I can get Giancarlo Espocito's autograph please and thank you /j

There's a ramen restaurant that we drove by called Ultraman and my dad pointed at it and went "this sounds like something you'd like Taro" and I'm like. Yah you right.

There's this one guy who works at the office and he's so fucking weird I'm chatting with a coworker and he randomly butts in being like "did you know a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis is found on cats and cases are on the rise and 50% of the population has this parasite"

Sometimes patients do things so stupid that I want to quit

So the office closed half an hour ago and I'm unfortunately still here finishing up charts and then they tell me some dumbass put super glue in his eye and that I have to see him because I'm the only doctor still in the office.
Fuck dude why would you do this

I'm a weakass bitch who started crying listening to the ending theme of a game I really liked and enjoyed during my younger formative years

Sister is curating her wedding music playlist and I'm sneaking in some very lowkey understated Lupin sound tracks and anime music in there, because we want to be chaotic

Fun fact about Twisted Wonderland is that every background has a Mickey Mouse silhouette hidden in it and I am so mad right now at noticing

Tomorrow I'm gonna go to a brunch place with to celebrate him becoming a good and proper ossan

My favorite artists on Twitter are the ones I followed for their art and haven't seen them post art since in the 2-3 years I've been following them. Like yeah man! You draw on the rare occasion that it suits you, you are a person not a brand or a content machine! Love that for u

I don't understand why some people are in relationships where they actively want to make their partner miserable with things like yelling/screaming
Doesn't love make you want to be a better person for your significant other? Make you yearn to be understood and connected to them?

Body punishing me for eating spicy Korean instant noodles
There are some things that are edible in principle but in practice? Pain

Do I treat myself to some boba milk tea today

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