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Oh I should make a proper post here about my current various Vocal Synth

Like a character? You name it, I probably got it and if I don't got it, I can add it*

Currently on Wave 2 of charm preorders (Ends Jan 25th).
Wave 3 estimated to open in late May/early June.

Available on

*donation may be required for certain designs due to lack of demand

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Hello I am Taro!
I'm that one crazy person who drew merch for LITERALLY every Vocaloid and some other vocal synths, just so I can flex.

My favorite Vocaloid is Kiyoteru Hiyama. I've been in love with him for the better half of 10 years πŸ˜‚

I have a UTAU named Ama Ebi. 🦐 🍣


All my male villagers have started to wear the Nio Altugle coat and like honestly it's a good design it's really cute but seeing the dude jock villagers talk about sweating in it and the cranky villagers just wearing pink and purple pastels got me feelin' a certain way

Gonna go run some errands and like lowkey its been a while since I went out to drive my car LMAO

Lately there's been people trying to nickel and dime me and out of things and I am too tired to fight back but it's been wearing down on my mood since I straight up cannot tell people to fuck off in these situations

When was the last time I've drawn something I personally wanted to draw? With all this time dilation and compression bullshit, I forgot

I'm in the kitchen cutting up some vegetables and I hear my dad ask my mom where the salsa is and she hands him a jar and then I hear him say "close enough" and I look up to see him almost pour a jar of pasta sauce on some nachos an I had to BEG him to stop

Quick question does anything ever come close to the high of having someone say your OC looks hot

God I need a break I am so tired of looking at these characters I'm real sick of it

Seeing someone say they trust Bobby Fulbright on the AA struggle tweet account makes me sweat because I stan Bobby Fulbright I love that idiot leave me alone a;sdfkja;sdfklj I KNOW ALREADY

*sprawls out on the ground*
artists I'm trying to commission haven't sent me invoices yet so I'm here clutching my money like "pls... I desire art"

First one to send me a ChipSpeech cover of PonPonPon gets a free icon commission

You ever really like a character but you hate how one popular fanartist draws that character because like I'm really feeling that one scoob

I love qifrey witch hat atelier and I've furiously been trying to keep myself sane about it

Concept: a gacha simulator discord bot you roll daily with the following odds:
3% chance of not being kicked out
15% chance of not being kicked however you are restricted to posting 10 messages after that the bot will not allow you to post
83% chance of just straight being booted

Become friends with me and I will spend most of our interactions trying to give you bad ideas or dropping off links to merch of your favorite characters
It's an absolutely terrible arrangement but people willingly subject themselves to it

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