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Vocal Synth Charm preorders Wave 3 is officially OPEN!
Preorders will be open for a month, and end July 14th.
Sticker, pin, and mask versions are also available at my Redbubble:

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Oh I should make a proper post here about my current various Vocal Synth

Like a character? You name it, I probably got it and if I don't got it, I can add it*

Currently on Wave 2 of charm preorders (Ends Jan 25th).
Wave 3 estimated to open in late May/early June.

Available on

*donation may be required for certain designs due to lack of demand

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Hello I am Taro!
I'm that one crazy person who drew merch for LITERALLY every Vocaloid and some other vocal synths, just so I can flex.

My favorite Vocaloid is Kiyoteru Hiyama. I've been in love with him for the better half of 10 years 😂

I have a UTAU named Ama Ebi. 🦐 🍣


My mom, getting worried: OMG where is Sesame
Sesame, my cat, trapped in my room because she followed me in and I closed the door behind me because I did not realize she was in there:

Lately Sesame actually goes into her little cat bed when I say goodnight to her 🥺

It feels really weird that an artist I follow, who I am not mutuals with, has me added to their Twitter circle because I just saw their vent tweet that was labeled as being only visible to people in their circle? Que?

Today I will finally try to finish my Arsene Lupin fic ffor my Finish What You Started challenge........ Gotta finish up that gay ass shit

Good morning I literally forgot it is megane day today 10-01

I'm so excited to have Sesame back because my other grandma is coming to visit and now she will finally meet Sesame!! I know the grandma who lives with us will be bragging about Sesame and how good she is to my other grandma

Sesame got tired of having me pet her and went over to lay down with my dad, solely because I'm the kind of person who does a lot of all over petting constantly while she's with me while my dad pet her twice and let her lay on him undisturbed while he looks at his phone

Sesame is home and ok, she has a small leg injury but otherwise is intact
She was found stuck between a fence and a shed in a neighbor's yard and that neighbor had a dog and I guess she must have been hiding from said dog

I want to go home to my cat I want to go home to my cat I want to go home to my cat I want to go home to my cat

My stomach hurts I am so stressed out about my cat please come home I just got an email saying my goddamn online order of packs of treats and a scratching post for her just arrived and I'm trying not to cry in the clinic

I have sad news: Sesame went missing last night. I am leaving food by the door and hoping she comes home during the day time when she is hungry and I won't lose hope that my kitten will return 😭

I really truly don't care about social media clout or numbers but I don't think anything I've ever posted broke triple digits and TBH it's allowed me to enjoy my life more when I know it's always the same 3 homies liking the stupid things I post and pictures of my cat

There was a patient who was arguing with my explanation of her glasses prescription
I had my colleague step in and help but afterwards I asked how it went and my colleague said that she basicay said the same thing as I did but the patient believed her because she's white LOL

Alright gang I'm gonna use what little internet clout I have to go promo my cousin's fundraiser for her school's band, if you want fancy artisanal popcorn instead of lame fundraiser chocolate we got it 🤣

Yesterday I kinda binged on Chewy and ordered a scratching post and a snack variety for Sesame because she has been a good kitty trying to tolerate us mean humans keeping her in a stupid cone or onsie and preventing her from having time outside
Excited for them to arrive

My cat straight up did a flying leap out of nowhere and caught a fly and I am so incredibly pleased and proud of her

Gave my cat some catnip for the first time and after enthusiastically sniffing it and having a lick, I don't know if she's into it because she doesn't seem to want to eat anymore of it

Bambi vs Godzilla is the strangest crossover I've seen but it's great

Every day I learn there's yet another kaiju movie I've never heard of, now we got Danish kaiju movie damn I am loving international big monster

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