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@VSynth_tips@twitter.com idk if this is right, but some time ago i found this and saved it

Soft = like wisper-airy sounds

Husky = sounds that came from the throat

Edge = from your mouth, light voice

Rock = power-scream sounds

Low = low pitch (Male)

High = high pitch (Female)

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It's only please follow my brain still has a more dimensions SiVo Neo a new cover of usts 3/4 made. —
Uhhhhhhhh ok then.

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This was sent to me by @/C5G4D4A3 too! (Thank You!)
Press CTRL and SHIFT to divide a note and add the lyric to the newly made one!

Video is also by @/C5G4D4A3 !

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Sent by @/srscyn (Thank You!)

This also works for different notes! For example you have "な" and you execute this method, it will show all oto entries with this symbol in it, so you can just select what you need!
Picture is also by @/srscyn!

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Hi guys just wanted to say to go follow @UCirau@twitter.com (my general account) if you want to know about my non-utau work or just my general thoughts. I'm gonna try to not to be as quiet there.

Hmmm let's see this then. if I should make a more generalized account just reply. I just want to see if there's enough reasons to have seprate accounts.

I might make a more generalized account later on here. Everyone will be free to follow it,but it'll mostly be generalized conversations.

Imagine not releasing a VB since early 2019-- Can't be me

Who I got:Len Kagamine
His height:5'0"
My height:5'5"
Height difference:5"
Damn this still makes me feel short lol

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Reply and I'll give you a character! uwu

Who I Got: IAAAAAAaaaaaAAaaAaaaA
Her Height: 155cm
My Height: around 164-165cm (?)
Height Difference: ca. 10cm

Ooooooooooo :^))

smol bby is smol :))))) twitter.com/caesarccedar/statu

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To those of you that have heard my voice,what are your thoughts on it? (I'm pretty sucky imo but I just thought I put something out)

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I feel like this needs more comments, but my brain still forced me to put the two things together and now it looks like straight outta hell uwu

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Should of been in V4 with xsy. Pretty generic in V5.

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Your unpopular opinions on Haruno Sora

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Her voice physically hurts my ears

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Your unpopular opinions on Yumemi Nemu

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CEO of being a parent

... Is this a reference to the kids that exist on this thing called discord server?

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Type “CEO of being” and press the middle button. That’s what you’re CEO of

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Welp,discord is down so I guess I'll hang out on here for a while


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