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Introduction time! I'm SunGuardian aka Sun, & I'm normally either drawing or configuring voicebanks (oto). I love helping out whenever I can! I've been making stuff in the community since 2014.

My utau is name Kara [Kokone], & she has many voicebanks, pitches, & tones so I hope you check her out ^^
~2nd pic is digitalized by Katsukawa Ame~

Was testing how well Kara's CVVC appends blended together. The chorus has like 4 tones mixed together & I think it came out nicely! Sorry for the weird mixing lol this song is difficult to mix

I hope I replicated the style well. I messed up poorly on the bows cuz I outlined them wrong but I think they look good from far away still!

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Hi, I've been trying to figure out a background hours now, & this art already took all day, so just take Kara as an Animal Crossing Villager! ;W;/

Here is a sample of her A3 & C4. It's currently encoded in VocaSampa but will have multiple encoding on full release.

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Kara's CVVC -ENG- is officially released for beta! She has 5 pitches; A3, C4, E4, C5, & D5 (falsetto), & full C C transitions! I hope you enjoy!

Just letting guys kno that I'm not ded or anything with Kara's English CVVC vb. It's actually almost ready for public beta, where it's only missing V V, extras, & art. So far she's working really nice with modulation so I'm really happy with it!

Over pronounce both vowels in a V V when they are the same vowel you cowards

If you need a longer note, just make a standalone vowel

Hey, if you guys need any more quick & simple visual oto/configure tips, let me kno & I'll try to draw them out & explain them as easily as I can!

I can't figured out what V V list I want to record for my English voicebank so I'm probably just going to record more pitches instead so at least I made use of the recording room tonight.

Ok, but why don't I hate Kara's v1 usages even though I kno they aren't good? Like, I'm tempted to reconfigure the old vb & rerelease cuz the tone is kinda cute

The area before the overlap gets crossfaded into the note before it. It's important to make sure it's not too far to the right or it will slur your sounds!
Personally I don't like my overlap under 20. ^^

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I tried to make a quick & simple guide to understanding where the overlap goes by showing how the consonant look like in a string. That way it's easy to learn why they go where they are put & how to figure out where to put it if you get a sound you don't know.

Ello, ello, ello!

My commissions are open, so if you're looking for an artist for your latest project or just wanna commission some art and help out an artist, take a look at my thread on VVN or UF for further explanation and prices!! |
Boosts are never expected, but are always appreciated! 👍

I like doing just 1 set per voicebank, but I feel like I should be adding them to every pitch

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When you add glottal stops to an voicebank, do you add it to every pitch or just certain 1s?

For Japanese voicebanks, I like adding extra consonant sounds to make it sound more natural, like [sh -] & [s k]/[sh t], but I tend to add too much in case of English words in a Japanese song ^^'

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Personally I like adding little things that make me feel like it'll help the character, like an end breath that sounds like Kara's smiling at the end of a phrase, or her lil "fwa!" sound like she's hitting something. Glottal stops & double vowels (a_a) are fun too!

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What are some extras you guys enjoy adding to your voicebanks?

I want to add V V transitions to Kara's CVVC English vb but I'm trying to make it as small as possible & adding every combo would take up a lot of space. What should I do about this? I'm thinking of mixing Arpasing's & VCCV's V V lists, but I'm not sure if it's enough

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