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I released a new original today!
"ATTACK OF THE BOTS" all caps aren't necessary, but recommended

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Guess I should do

:vocalo_v2: Piko
:vocalo_v3: Avanna
:vocalo_v4: Fukase, Akari
:vocalo_v5: VY2

I really want Sachiko, but money.

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Hello, I'm SockHunter and I make covers with UTAU and Vocaloid! I just recently released my UTAU Shelly Salone.

UTAU website:

why is there a mr. and mrs. pink flamingo? Why did the game makers think they needed to have gendered flamingos? They're lawn ornaments for trashy people like me.

you cant even see my house because I'm an idiot and built it directly behind resident services. There was no plan. I'll move it someday.

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everyone in ac is posting pretty pictures of their towns and my town is like... mainly just plastic pink flamingos and other random objects.

A song I've had on the backburner is my UTAU + a vocaloid I couldn't decide on. I think it's gonna be just UTAU now because every single vocaloid sounds dead inside next to my UTAU. I don't know if it's the song itself or what, but, we'll see.

Maika is the only vocaloid I don't need to pitch down.

Is... is this where the villager's skeletons go? New museum is great btw.

today one of those balloons delivered a bidet to me in ACNH, and honestly that's what the world needs right now because what even is toilet paper?

This is random, but remember when TED talks were a thing and people would actually share those videos? I feel like I haven't seen anything about any TED talks for a really long time. Not that they're going to do them now.

This is self punishment but I'm gonna make another VCCV bank. Yup. It's gonna happen. Shelly part 2. I'm gonna try to make it... grittier?Shelly is very much my vanilla singing voice and not how I actually sing at all. We'll see how this works.

Sorry for complaining about work, but my rotation ends tomorrow and I just want to play animal crossing like everyone else sjfidkabdb

I'm just a rotation student, and the basic assumption is that rotation students are all kind of idiots, but really? To be fair I wasn't the only one to get chewed out in that meeting, but that's not how you convince students to join your lab.

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I'm not even mad about him saying the figure is useless, because the data is indeed random and what they asked me to do was completely useless. However if he could not patronize me in front of everyone and say that I need to use my brain? Tact is a thing that exists.

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In a lab meeting my PI was like, yes the figure you sent me was completely useless, and the data looks random. You need to use a bit of brain power to figure out how to best represent the data.

New song with Yohioloid called "A Rejection Letter to the World." Give it a listen :)

There's about to be way more cases in the US after today if there aren't already thanks to college students partying on St. Patties day. Nothing like drinking out of a communal bucket in a crowded frat house to spread germs.

whelp, just scrapped the art for the pv for my next song because I didn't like it. So next pv will probably just be some lazy drawings. I don't want to get too detailed with it because I didn't really spend long on the song itself.

(test) I set up the cross poster because I am actually terrible at multiple social media accounts.

my mom is visiting for spring break, so I'm kind of glad it got extended past a week. My mom is fun, but I can't actually work on anything when she's here.

I have to give my students a test this week, which means I'll have nothing to do for several hours. This is my opportunity to redo Shelly's high pitch and force myself to oto. If only. VCCV. Wasn't hell.

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