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I released a new original today!
"ATTACK OF THE BOTS" all caps aren't necessary, but recommended

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Guess I should do

:vocalo_v2: Piko
:vocalo_v3: Avanna
:vocalo_v4: Fukase, Akari
:vocalo_v5: VY2

I really want Sachiko, but money.

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Hello, I'm SockHunter and I make covers with UTAU and Vocaloid! I just recently released my UTAU Shelly Salone.

UTAU website:

Working on a new PV. I tried to do a western-ish song this time. The song is finished, so hopefully I can finish up the artwork soon.

Hello, not my usual content, but I liked this sketch, so I decided to line and color it. This is Eunice from Rune Factory Frontier. It's an old game at this point, but I still like playing it sometimes.

process of working on song:

9pm: I'm not gonna work on it today

2am: I'm just gonna listen to it once, just to see how I feel about it.

4am: ok, but this would sound better over here and if I add thi-

nintendo, why did you make your buttons opposite of everyone elses? I'm screwed over on rhythm games for life.

Akari is so underappreciated. People did covers with her free trial when she came out, but she hardly has any original songs (that I can find anyhow). I'll have to do something about this.

they're just skipping entire words and phrases, or adding in random words and phrases.

why are you doing this to me.

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maybe they rewrote the lyrics at some point and forgot to change it in the final version, but come on

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I love it when I'm covering a japanese song and the lyrics they provide don't seem to have anything to do with what's actually being sung.

It pretty much just leaves songs that were written for like... dex.

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If I put her down an octive either
1. half is still too high
2. half of it's now too low within the dark depths of female voices weren't meant to sound like this
3. both (what usually happens)

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Trying to find vocaloid songs to cover with Shelly is a process. Her range is too low for most (read: all) female vocals, and what even are vocaloid songs with male vocals? There are like, two (not really but it feels like it).

Some people's islands are really great and mine is like... and this is the clock room where I put... clocks (there are 3 clocks).

I finished a new song! It's called "In the Light" and it uses Luka for vocals. You can see the full version on youtube:

I get it, you're the lords of my balcony. You don't need to announce it for 2 hours every morning when I'd like to be asleep.

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It is between the hours of 4 and 6 in the morning that the swallows outside my window decide they need to hold a party and also when I lie awake contemplating bird murder.

The voicebank is CVCC, meaning that it's CV English with CC transitions (plus some C_ endings and vowels). It's not as smooth as her VCCV voicebank, but I think it sounds good for what it is.

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This is a demo of Shelly's new voicebank! It's still a work in progress, but I thought it was good enough to share. This is the first half of the song (the second half starts to get slightly NSFW lyric-wise). The song is "Insomnia" by IAMX.
Full version:

I'm pretty happy with how my new voicebank for shelly is turning out, so I may have a demo done soon

I kinda want to cover a mili song with defoko. I'll just add it to my infinite to do list.

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