It's Saturday. It's either music buster day or UTAU recording day. Not sure if my throat is ready for the latter though.

The real issue is that I just need to sit down and bang out my UTAU recordings so I can get closer to an actual usable thing. However, I think I hurt my throat talking to 5000 customers yesterday, so I don't think that'll happen today -_-

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It's pretty much decided that Talitha/Tania/Alula (you'll see them eventually, hopefully) are the best choices for UTAU concepts because they're more suited for distribution and whatnot. However, there's other characters I also want to attach the voices to. The hitch is that those characters are rather personal and I don't think it'd be a good idea to make them distributable like that.

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Sits and argues over character concepts for UTAUs/who should represent what

Found another one that may suit better. Just... so much to do...

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wanders over to Utaforum to double check aaaaaallll the resources

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...Maybe I'll use Myst's other one on the site instead. It seems a bit simpler. But I'll probably still have to wait for the weekend because weeeeeeeh I don't have the time or energy for that right now.

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...Oh POO artfight is a thing isn't it. I coulda shoulda do it! But every time, I end up doing Only One thing and then nothing because lol what is time and energy.

- Opens Oremo
- Records 5 lines for UTAU
- Looks at the rest of the reclist and NOPES OUT

...In summary, does anyone have recommendations for more compact VCV reclists? I think I'm using one of Myst's and I'm wigging out because I don't have the time or patience for that right now X_X As much as I'd looooove the extra sounds I think I can do without them...

So like, are these randos aware of where they are? They're like... some kind of weird sect of the server that's sitting there arguing among themselves while we just kinda stare.

I mean I'm not ultra fussed, I'll just ignore them, but why are they here...

Ugggh. Not feeling so good today or I'd go record some more UTAU stuff, since I did decide that I will need it for some things.

Changed my avatar... consider it a small teaser.

Re: last boost thing: this is something I realized last minute while trying to make my Hymmnos adaptations of ERAMORP and Inferno. There are certain colloquial bits and pieces that will NOT adapt properly (-shakes fist at Hymmnos's mysteriously lacking lexicon bits-). So you've just gotta convey the meaning if not the direct verbiage.

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Surprise, translation is actually an art form on its own. I don't even mean this poetically, it *literally* is.

The only respect you've paid is to the structure of the original language. You completely disregarded the author's feelings and intent in the process. I can hardly call that respect.

And I can call it even less respect if you use that as an excuse to be condescending about it.

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Shambles through

Sorry for being dead. Working on some things for now though! Hopefully it'll come out okay.

Yo, sorry for not being around much. Life got borked and I couldn't do my projects as expected. I'm hoping to try and get something that might be of interest to you folks soon though!

I said I was going to write Hymmnos lyrics to Eramorp. I WASN'T KIDDING.

(There's gaps and odd grammar and bits that don't flow well, but I'll patch that up later.)

Aaaaaa. Minor crisis. Do I record Arpasing or VCCV... I know VCCV requires a crapton of recording but is more "standard," but Arpasing is more what I'm used to. Hmm.

Maaaaaaan... I don't want to start fights and I know a few bad eggs always come in after a while but it's hard when people don't appear to be using their heads. This place always strikes me as a good one but all it takes is one bad apple at times. I might hiatus till I have something interesting to show. (Might. Lawd knows I'm too nosy to stay out for too long.)

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