CW: whiny stuff

Boosting my comms real quick. I need help paying for the subscription for my instruments. Any contribution helps. Thanks!

Color test for UTAU 2. The pink/yellow is kind of an homage to the previous UTAU concept that she's replacing, also just to kind of lay on the cute. I'll probably have to do some extra design legwork for this one.

As a side note, I technically have UTAUs already... however, I suppose you can consider this a rebranding effort of sorts, because I never really clicked with the concepts or designs of my first UTAUs. <-- "Normal voice"/Aelia <-- "Cute voice"/Puuli (who did get repurposed elsewhere)

Kinda cringey, but I guess you can say I've got a sound preview? :'D

Preliminary color layout for UTAU 1, whose name I'm still arguing over. I have a thing for Red/Blue and Orange/Pink color schemes and I have no idea how that actually goes together. X_X Guess I'll see when I actually design her.

So I know "normal voice" will be getting an UTAU, but do I want to resurrect the "cute voice" UTAU too? I'm mostly thinking in terms of "do I want to re-record all of this/do I have the time or energy to do so"

One more thing- can I see your favorite UTAU designs? I'm curious to see what's going around.

Oh, while I'm here, semi-important question. To what extent is your UTAU a character, and to what extent are they "just" a voice bank? I kind of want to make my UTAU a plot-important character for my work but I'm worried that may cause issues somehow. I remember there being a discussion about UTAUs being "characters with extra voices"/someone complaining about that, but I don't remember what came of it.

Kinda want to design my UTAU today, or at least some new characters.

Me: I'm going to do some character design!
Brain: You should write this stuff instead OwO freakin' distractable

In a character design mood, but at work... Beh.

Tangential to everything, but this song punches me in the feels in a special way.

I really don't want to leave my bed tonight... I was thinking of maybe doing a few UTAU recordings while my GF was out but I don't think I have the energy for that.

Paycheck Goals:

- Pre-order Promare BD + goodies if not too late.
- Get some art.
- Get a decent mic so I can actually record my UTAU T_T (among other things)

Tfw you encounter someone else's OC and you LOVE THEIR DESIGN but you don't want to awkwardly crib from that design. Either way, this girl gives me a few ideas for a future UTAU design...

Man, that nap dream was... Bewilderingly realistic. I wish I could remember what I was going to post about from the dream...

Being salty about rejection and refusing to leave my bed.

Me: Hmm, I have a lot I should be doing right now, whether it's writing or music.


body could you not

While I'm here: I'm selling my Hypnosis Mic plushies for $15 apiece plus shipping. If you buy all three Yamada bros, it's $40, and all four are $55. DM if interested! Thank you!

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