it's later so I'm here to talk about my voiceroid au

updates to this thread will be slow bc i'm drawing every character and adding them as I finish, but basically they all come in the order I bought them in and it goes all the way to yuzuru

basic info

- everyone lives in kou's house and nobody pays any sort of rent (aoi tries though)
- the only vocaloid in this au is kiyoteru (someday i'll add more)
- some canon info about each character is kept, others are just thrown out completely
- it's a very crowded house

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Minase Kou

- Owner of the house
- Has a job, nobody knows what but he occasionally leaves the house for it (apparently it's good enough to support everyone)
- Doesn't really mind all these people but he fears one day they'll burn the house down
- his boyfriend is kiyoteru

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(Kiyoteru will get his own addition later but two facts about him rn are:

- he does not live in the house
- he's mute [meta reason is because he's not a talk synth but i'll go more into it in his own tweet])

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Kotonoha Akane

- came in with her sister Aoi, they'd been wandering for a while and stumbled upon the house
- kinda airheaded but she has love in her heart
- really likes gardening! she tends to the flowers around the house
- occasional victim of pranks (but she doesn't mind)

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Kotonoha Aoi

- Akane's younger sister
- The Only Sane Person In The House
- constantly trying to pay Kou back for his hospitality by doing chores, etc. He insists she doesn't have to but she's determined
- prime victim for pranks (kiritan is her worst enemy)

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Kizuna Akari

- Very, very energetic!!
- Also kinda nosy. Knows everything that's happening at any given moment regardless of if she's told or not
- the others have had to "akari proof" their rooms
- kinda loud, as in she yells a lot. BUT she's a lot of fun to be around otherwise

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Yuzuki Yukari

- ?????
- Barely anyone sees her and no one really knows what she does
- Very very quiet, no one besides Kou even knew she lived there for the first few months
- Will talk on occasion, can make interesting conversation
- will later become maki's girlfriend

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Tsukuyomi Ai

- Actual baby
- Arrived same day as Kiritan
- No one knows where she came from, but attempts to find her family failed (until...)
- Yukari actually took ownership of her, much to everyone's surprise
- Quiet and sweet, can't talk well but when she does is very polite

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Tohoku Kiritan

- Where to even begin
- Arrived same day as Ai, but did not come with her
- Ran away from home to escape her (in her opinion) overbearing sisters
- actual chuunibyou
- When she's quiet it's bad news as it means she's scheming something
- aoi voice: public enemy #1

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- Unfortunately for her, Itako has since found out where she lives and has been sending letters bc she wants to visit. Kiritan has been burning every letter so Aoi doesn't find them (but Aoi's found scraps and has an idea)
- Zunko's started sending letters too
- she's in hell

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Meika Hime

- Very energetic! Akari 2.0 and gets along very well with her (much to the horror of everyone else)
- Aoi has permanently banned them from the kitchen
- Goes without saying, but Mikoto's twin... maybe.

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Meika Mikoto

- Hime's twin (probably)
- Quiet and reserved; Kiritan is very interested in them for some reason which makes Aoi uneasy, Mikoto doesn't really care though
- Very interested in Yukari, though they can never find her

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Meika Twins

- Claim to be demons from the underworld looking for a place to stay while they currently exist on the mortal plane. No one actually believes this except Kiritan, but Akari goes along with it bc it's fun
- Never ever seen without their horns

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- Hime talks of taking Ai to a place in the underworld called [no one knows what, they change the name every time]; Aoi is HORRIFIED but Hime means well + thinks it'll be a good time. Ai agrees
- Mikoto thinks Kiyoteru is terrifying and that if he speaks it's the end of the world

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(Kiyoteru has no idea about Mikoto's thoughts on him)

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Tsukuyomi Shouta

- Ai's older brother
- Originally came to pick her up, but ended up living at the house himself
- Very earnest, Aoi's right hand man
- Kinda clumsy. But he does his best and no one can say no to him
- (Actually, no one knew Ai had a brother until he showed up)

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Tsurumaki Maki

- plays guitar
- Yukari's girlfriend
- Only person who can actually talk to Yukari on a regular basis
- helps Yukari with Ai and Shouta
- pretty chill, no one has a problem with her

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Haruno Sora

- cool mom figure
- Likes to bake for everyone and bans them all from entering the kitchen while she's using it, Kou suffers at 2 PM when he just wants to make himself a sandwich and they only have one kitchen
- Old friends with Kiyoteru

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- Demon hunter
- You can imagine how this goes down with the Meikas
- Also thinks Kiritan is a demon for some reason? Kiritan never claimed to be one but she appreciates the sentiment
- the four = dangerous group and probably the ones who will destroy the house

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- hah?
- hm?
- No one knows who he is or when he started living with them, but he's there
- Scares the hell out of everyone whenever he talks because no one can ever remember the fact that he also lives with them
- only staying until the rest of eagle talon finds him

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Tohoku Itako

- she found kiritan
- Very protective of her and wants to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble, which Kiritan considers true hell
- trying to get Zunko to come over too
- Fortune teller as a side job - Akari in particular is very fascinated with this

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Iori Yuzuru

- Newest addition to the household
- Pretty nice guy, very polite and pleasant
- He's just happy to be there
- ..... despite that, everyone is absolutely terrified of him.
- hasn't actually done anything to be afraid of, but he has a very threatening aura nonetheless

[bonus] Hiyama Kiyoteru

- the only vocaloid in this au
- Kou's boyfriend
- Mute, though Akari likes to try and get him to speak (he doesn't mind, though it never works)
- Lives somewhere nearby
- Is liked by everyone (except Mikoto who fears the power he supposedly has)

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