found another voiceroid original but it's marked as content for children so I can't add it to the playlist

It's 99% Kotonohas but that's just because most Voiceroid songs are with them

There's some with others though

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Anyway come check out my Voiceroid Original Song playlist I've added more songs since I've last plugged it

I've also looked on Nico and tried to see if some had yt uploads as well and most do not!! Which is sad but I was able to add a few more that way anyway

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I've found a few under [voiceroid name] + original but that's going to be incredibly annoying when it comes to yukari/akari/sora/itako/kiritan

Best thing I could do is just look through the channels of those I've already found and see if they have any more I can add

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Finding Voiceroid originals on yt is terrible because there's no easy term to look for them with

Singing Voiceroid + original (in japanese ofc) gets most of them but some don't... have that in their titles

trying again bc 1 AM is... not a good time to post kfjdnduj

I hope Zunko's English Voiceroid crowdfunding starts soon

zunko also came with a broken box but at least i can just easily transfer everything to another case and be fine — yuzuru's actual sleeve is ripped

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yuzuru's box came like this though and i am distraught

I knew it was coming since the Kotonohas were starting to get merch too lately; didn't expect it to be this soon for Yuzuru though

I expect he'll get some new illustrations for later merch like the twins later \o/

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I woke up randomly at 2 AM out of nowhere for no reason but to see Yuzuru merch announced

fate I guess

finally an update but yet again est is when i'm on campus all day..... would change the delivery date but last time they completely ignored it

I didn't use the full illustration or bg at all in the video so here they are

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