Imagine forgetting this place for a whole year,,

Might come on here more often who knows?

Haven’t posted here in a while whoops I hope it isn’t too big h

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Ello, ello, ello!

My commissions are open, so if you're looking for an artist for your latest project or just wanna commission some art and help out an artist, take a look at my thread on VVN or UF for further explanation and prices!! |
Boosts are never expected, but are always appreciated! 👍

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The angel of Punishment watching the remains of the world he destroied

I keep seeing this so 👀

All the vocaloids gain their personalities through what their producer makes. Each iteration of a vocaloid is different. Covers also give some personality but no where near as much as an original. Vocaloids also gain the ability to change their clothing based off Artist interpretations of them. Miku has over 10000 outfits that she can swap into at any time. They all have digital wardrobes and are very grateful to everyone that creates songs and art of them

I can’t do this how the fuck do people play bandori or any other rhythm game for that matter on an android after playing on an ipad??? I just- it’s so small, it’s like when I take off my glasses after the day is done I can’t see these notes god help me 😭

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I'm abusing the delete and redraft feature...I like fixing teeny typos.

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guess i should introduce myself...

ok so i'm perennia and i'm an artist + utau user (since 2017!)
...and that's all there is to me lol

i am currently working on three utaus (dianne, charlie and ceres) and they are literally my pride and joy, and that's all i'm probably gonna post about haha

i don't really talk much but i would really like to meet all of you at some point-

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Outfit swap with Miku and Usagi!! Aaah!
Art (c) melobuniiP
(My old name was usagiine)

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Hello VocaLoungers, VNN here and ready to keep you informed about all of the synthesizers news!

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I want to let everyone know that I'm glad you're here. No matter what you're go through, I'm here for you. My PMs/DMs are open 24/7, if you need any advice or need to vent, I'm here with open arms 🤗 ❤️ !

Dorime is now stuck in my head and at this point I am very tempted to make an angsty shitpost semi serious vocaloid fanfic, lowkey about to start hearing it my dreams lolol
anyway gn

All these talented people are making me dizzy!!!!!! (in a good way of course) (●´ω`●)

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