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Yay got my Fanime stuff sorted out, even if the hotel is a bit farther away than I'd like

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Hi! Here's another contribution to my ongoing project. This time, it's of Escha in one of her prototype outfit designs.

I feel that she would keep her pigtails raised in this rather than lowering it to fully match the concept artwork. (´・ω・`)

I'll also make an accompanying Logy to go with Escha soon.

#kariavalonart #AtelierSeries #MastoArt

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So, I'm planning to do a quick self-indulgent fanart/doodle/study project for a few weeks, and this is one of the doodles that'll get included. Anyway, this is Wilbell dressed in one of her prototype outfit designs from Atelier Escha and Logy. #kariavalonart #AtelierSeries #MastoArt

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Here's another colored sketch to add to my ongoing project. ^^ This is of Ayesha wearing an eye-catching prototype outfit design. She's from Atelier Ayesha, which was recently re-released!

#AtelierSeries #kariavalonart #MastoArt

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I drew this illustration of Mercedes from "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" last October. I still generally like how this turned out! And, meanwhile.. I should continue playing (and finishing!) the game eventually...

#kariavalonart #MastoArt #FanArt #FE3H

Ahhhh there's too many games I need to play... Time to start Ayesha tomorrow though!

Ok I guess it's time for my intro post!

Hey, my name is Replicant, I'm just a fan but I'm definitely checking out as much as I can whenever I see something new posted!

That being said I do play FF14 on and off, and other than that you'll probably see me in your favorite mobage, getting into pretty much every JRPG I can get my hands on, or playing fighting games and TCGs competitively.

I hope I can meet you all and listen to your amazing work!

Ok, guess I'm using this Mastodon thing now... Hi everyone!


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