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Also here's another one using Yoko (aka Sinsy's default voice aka Sinsy-f00001) covering Nostalogic

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Small cover (Earth's Final Confession) using Kiritan (took 35 mins to render 4 mins but sounds really good, the input file is a plain non-tuned UST file)

Music Visualization Generator by @daniwell_aidn

"How good does it sound?"
well considering it's just a bat file and it sounds like this

there's no customization rn tho

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so there's a new that has just been released
it's really lite in UI (as in being a full batch file and needing musicxml files) but it sounds really nicely

(and the lightstick too but that was kinda generic for all characters)

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also now that I see Meiko stuff on twitter, I just realized that all merch I got from MIKUEXPO was Meiko
- plastic was bought between 4, got Meiko and Kaito (which I gifted to my friend)
- badge was random between Meiko and Kaito in Barcelona

adding the censor just in case, it's not showing anything r18-ish as I cropped just the biceps on this

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at least I seem to have some bit of knowledge how 3d spaces and shading/linearting (in case of full drawings) works now

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i'm seriously asking if I should do sketch comissions sometime

This is my entry for this year's MaikaZine! It's a LP model I made with one of Maika's Prototype desings (along with a prototype colour scheme), remember to check the other entries in here!:

We're hosting our first community project:
✨The Low-Effort Miku Zine✨

We're collecting low-effort Miku drawings to make the sloppiest, lowest-effort, most undignified, publishing-unworthy Miku zine in existence.

Submit a low-effort Miku by February 16!

| | Model WIP 2】
OS formula Canary
Character by @ShreddedNotes // @JaeVocalProject

Textures done, sliders in progress

And obv also I want to thank
@RanYKuro and @YLKuragon for tagging with me on this concert (and @Rumazanga even if it was for a second after the concert).

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Finally, I want to thank
@cfm_miku_en for giving Barcelona an opportunity to enjoy MikuExpo, I can confirm all fans who went there enjoyed it a lot. I also want to thank @misamisamisawa,@megmemikoto,@chloettyyy and camacho_drums for their gorgeous performance. ありがとおう!
I also want to thank all Crypton team for their work on the voicebanks, all Yamaha/MTG team for their work on the Vocaloid engine, all composers for doing all this gorgeous songs for us to enjoy.

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This was my final loot.
I want to thank a fan who gave me and my friends this Miku glowstick transparent film, we enjoyed it a lot!

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