COMMISSIONS~! I got em! Ya boy has them big boy bills to pay orz

▪️Slots open indefinitely
▪️Type A could be either just line art or black and white
▪️My ToS ➡️
▪️If you are interested, please reach out to me here or twitter via DM or to my email: operaghost(dot)commissions🌀gmail(dot)com

Thank you!!

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▪️If you wish to support me further, I have a ko-fi as well (ko-fi doodles are currently closed though!) ☕️
▪️If you want other examples of my work, I have twitter moments containing most of them here:

(Last thing, I have 3 commissions in queue and I will take up to 4 at any time, with a waitlist for anyone else who may be interested o/)

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