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Not to keep on Spamming, but may I introduce my group? These are the PiZZALOiDS, my pride n joys based on my favorite things... Sci-fi and Historical Fiction hehe
From L to R we have:
💚 Kyrus (CV and CVVC)
💙 Sara (CV)
💝 Elle (CV)
❤️ Christophe (CV)
💞 Alexander and Julius (CV and CV)

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COMMISSIONS~! I got em! Ya boy has them big boy bills to pay orz

▪️Slots open indefinitely
▪️Type A could be either just line art or black and white
▪️My ToS ➡️
▪️If you are interested, please reach out to me here or twitter via DM or to my email: operaghost(dot)commissions🌀gmail(dot)com

Thank you!!

*dusts this off* henlo i did a thing for the#TON10Fest zine, for Tonio's 10th anniversary babeyyyy

I do not have a child
all my children are fictional and I will keep it that way

Hey y'all cool vocasynth people. 🎵 I figured this was worth a try, so here goes nothing!

Buy me a ko-fi and I'll doodle a little badge-style headshot sketch of your favorite OC, UTAU, or whatever! Just attach a message with a link to a reference image or something so I know what to draw ('v')b

Ello, ello, ello!

My commissions are open, so if you're looking for an artist for your latest project or just wanna commission some art and help out an artist, take a look at my thread on VVN or UF for further explanation and prices!! |
Boosts are never expected, but are always appreciated! 👍

Updated reference for my UTAU, Reicheru Nintone for 2020! It was a lot of fun to draw!! I’m quite proud of this piece.

What's this..? It's the finished CDs for our latest community project, The Big Alliance!

We'd been sharing this project on through 2019, but seeing as we have a shiny new Mastodon account, we'd love to share it here with you all as well!

While these CDs were only available via preorder, the album is still available digitally here:

You can add alt-text for any image you upload -- very good for the visually impaired, or simply those who have slow Internet connection!

On Mastodon, it's considered good etiquette to do this for any image you upload.

Need help with getting into the habit? @alt_text can help!

And thats all the arts for now, I'll prob post newer ones as they happen but I like these so.... ye

Illustrated Injury warning: 

This was a sort of Idea I had in mind for some time to just draw My Main 4 like this bc.... i like the look is all

If you haven't heard it yet, I highly recommend you check out The Big Alliance Album (which was a fantastic collab with a BUNCH of talented folks):
and the song Midas on Koda's channel:

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ALso, my art (and my process sorta heh) I did for my contribution of the Big Alliance, for the original song Midas, by Kodakami and Kaichou[]D~ (adding more info below)

This was my zine entry for the Big FestivAL that passed just recently, so I'm reposting it here... luv my big mans

You know I never properly documented it here, but I drew VocaLounge's banner! ★

I'll probably be doing some more doodles of our lil mastodon mascot later, I like them a lot aha

Ooh I now have internets at home I can post more art mwahaha

i don't think i ever really properly introduced my utaus on here? the ones i voiced are anta and kamino shizuko and laci! (laci's art is by my friend natalie/nononchan_ on twitter!)
anta is a mature female voice, kamino is a young male voice and laci is. they're something alright. nasally. yeah.

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