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y’know those gumball eye popsicles

(pops-sicle…… ice pops… lupin doesn’t work as well for the puns)

I wrote about the VRChat EAC controversy, just because I needed to get it off my chest.

waiting to tag this and post publicly until I actually finish the matching Lupin but


I think I’ll have to adjust this further to work on masto but it looks nice on birdsite at least

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I drew a bunch of doodle-y busts as warmups and when I was artblocked otherwise over the past couple weeks, so I turned them into a new profile header hahah

Based on various screenshots, I wanted to really nail Lupin’s old design for my comic The Curtain Falls
#lupiniii #lupinthethird

Orders are available right now for the Love and War: Luzeni Zine! Michelle and I have a 4 page comic in it that we are so proud of, I hope y'all will grab a copy!
#lupiniii #lupinthethird #zine #luzenizine

I helped make a game this weekend! And by "helped make" I mean I did a BGM track, brainstormed and made terrible dice puns with friends.

"Roll To Hit (On): A Dice Flirting Game" is a mishmash of roguelite-strategy and dating sim, made in 48 hours for the under the theme "roll of the dice". I composed the "flirt" sequence BGM!

(Shares and ratings much appreciated!)


Some loops, some early Lupin/Jigen thoughts, and an outfit based on concept art from Gold of Babylon that I can’t find anymore but the people who did part 3/babylon KNEW what they were doing.
#lupiniii #lupinthethird

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