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I wish I were joking but I realized I removed the semantic html tags when I redid my neocities page so uh I guess I should fix that later

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I still can't believe it's 2 weeks until SOLARIA releases digitally... simultaneously too soon and not soon enough aaaaa

All of you with your "friendship ended with..." vocalsynth memes. I've been here for over a decade, I find it more fun to have many friends.

tfw Mozilla goes in on crypto nonsense, and the original creators of the Firefox browser call them out on their bullshit.

how are people following me on neocities when the buttons are still broken for me!!! what is going on

when you're an utau user but also your vtuber persona is very (very) loosely linked to fae folklore

I'm getting SOLARIA in around two weeks and I'm eyeing Tsuina-chan, but it only just occurred to me that I don't actually have full SynthV yet, and then I hit some financial snags this month, so...if you guys could support any releases I put out soon I'd appreciate it 😅

I've gone and changed the name of my vtuber persona~

I'll also be slowly adopting it outside of vtubing as well, most likely~!

I really need to draw a new icon cause the jacket did end up changing a little LOL

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This song is playing on a loop right now. :blobdancer:

I love the producer and #Vocaloid & #UTAU music in general.
It also has great tuning of Yamine Renri 🎧​🎶​

am i actually sad _about things_ or is it just january?

OH YEAH I have a couple of original songs I can add to my website/buzzly now that it's January and the embargo on the projects they were for has lifted!!

New Year's resolution: Actually put more things on Bandcamp. For once.

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