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Even though I've only seen the intro graphic on Project Sekai so far it LOOKS like it might actually be somewhat optimized for iPad screens.... as in it's not pixellated to hell and back

I still can't believe Momone "Nyan Cat" Momo is in BanG Dream Girls Band Party

Hah just got the official UT alert that they made Massey a quarantine building.

After we get his shots records from the agency I'm leaving some very choice words on their reviews.

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I'm still so mad that they didn't TELL us we were leaving him for fix-and-release. If we'd known we would've spent the week finding potential owners. We thought that as a (seemingly) lost pet he'd go into the adoption center. Poor boy lost the tip of his left ear for no reason.

the cat that my roommate and I ended up temp fostering... he keeps trying to knead and suckle my fluffy blanket.... sweet boy 😭 stop that you're gonna get green hairballs

All I ask is that whenever Miku Expo happens again we still get the wowaka tribute and Lucky Orb

Miku Expo 2020 merch gonna hit different at the next in-person event whenever it rolls around

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Man what a bummer. Kinda expected it though.

Time to log into ticketfly and figure things out I guess.

I'm excited to announce the triumphant return of UTAU Tips (not the resampler) Stream!

Join me and this Wednesday, 9/30 at noon EST as we discuss collecting and creating UTAU merchandise!

There’s so much about procreate I like but without a nondestructive canvas flip and a proper stabilizer that isn’t the like, slow-dragging-line like streamline, lining in it (at least how I do my linework) is a nightmare hghhh

Does procreate seriously not have a nondestructive canvas flip or am I just completely lost

literally heard coyotes out in the area behind the apartment complex just the other night so fuck you young williams for making the option “take the cat and violate apartment lease agreement, or the cat is coyote food”

guess what! the very sweet cat my roommate and I found and took to the adoption center got put into the fix and release m instead

got the call at work about this right as the rescue lady was about to drive around releasing cats

we have involuntarily become foster cat moms

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