@melodicake love the layout!! I actually figured out how to embed my dreamwidth posts onto my site with RSS and that makes me want to start using my own journal more haha

@melodicake I HATE THAT THEY LITERALLY NAMED IT "Project if..." WITH THE ELLIPSIS like it's the ultimate tease I'm so angry

everyone joking about cv04 when the most disappointing abandoned crypton project was project if tbh

this was a vocaloid2 era vocal I'm still so mad a decade later


It's also an item I haven't tried making yet so I'm a lil nervous but WE SHALL SEE HOW IT GOES

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I have a really silly voca merch idea that I'm gonna pitch in the next couple of days if I can get a sketch done... it would require a certain number of orders to make so I'd have to gauge interest but I think it'd be a really funny item and hope ppl would get a kick out of it

I'm already late for Ray's 9th anniversary since there's not a fes this year I guess, but I do have something special I'm gonna post this weekend aaaaa

Checked up on my old iPad again and they don't even have a status for it on the online system anymore as of the 31st 😂 holy fucking shit

I get awful merch ideas when chatting with @Untramen_Taro@twitter.com. Like every single time.

Supurreme modded Aiko into Project Diva Future Tone and I did a cover to demonstrate the module! She looks so good aaaaa ★


I didn't even try to get her but I'm glad, and I appreciate the image is just a screenshot of a pinterest link on google images

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I was taking a "which UTAU are you" quiz for fun and then I got to this question and I

My list of SynthV banks I wanna buy keeps growing, this is a Problem

Just a friendly invite, if you are into #minecraft and want to join a fediverse friendly server, @Ayior and myself host #mastocraft, a 1.16.1 Minecraft server.

@Halo People are calling him underwhelming bc the m5 girls are all like BIG FLOWY DRESSES and he's in a suit (the more valid crit I've seen is he looks like Moke bc he's a young male wearing a suit and it's like, ok I guess??)

Eh yeah he has some similarities to Moke and he's another young male but.... I love his outfit ok and I'm totally biased for anything space themed to go with Stardust

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