M24, the Sagittarius Star Cloud is not a cluster, but a hole in the dust of our Milky Way that lets us see deeper into the Galaxy. What we see as the star cloud is an untold number of stars that would otherwise have been hidden by the dust.

M25 is an open nebula located in the constellation of Sagittarius. Located about 2000 ly away, it is a group of stars that recently formed and are now drifting into the Galaxy.

@KS72 So the idea of web3 is to build that interaction on blockchain technology. Think cryptocurrencies, token-based economies (NFTs and the like) which are a huge flaming garbage heap rife with scams and uses systems so hilariously energy-inefficient a single transaction can cost the amount of energy a household uses in a month. Web3 is all just a tech bro scam.

@KS72 So while the iterations of the internet are associated with visual style, they really more so boil down to how one interacts with web content? Web1 was considered the static web, you could make and display basic html pages but not directly interact with a site as an end user beyond viewing it. Web2 brought dynamic websites that one could interact with (think: forums, shops, social media).

Someone is trying to scam my paypal for $500 in bitcoin the day after my dad asked why I refuse to do NFTs

FUCK web3

@apt I rounded up a bunch of voicebanks from Yakuza fans on twt and was working on a chorus aaah I’ll get back to it!!

@apt Ichibanka is still an absolute banger and I need to finish my UTAU cover of it

@apt I hope so, too! I hadn’t really vibed with any of the winning Snow Miku designs after 2014 but I was thrilled by this one, it’s SUCH a cute theme

Guess that’s this month’s fun purchase. I wanted to see if I could snag the Miku Copic marker set from Anime Expo but I gotta play safe with funds rn

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Woke up to an email from GSC, crab captain Snow Miku nendroid ships in a couple weeks 👀

this rank isn’t gonna last long so I’ll enjoy it while I can lmao

the strongest spell ever canonically used in any universe with the final fantasy magic system was cast by Donald Duck

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