Supurreme modded Aiko into Project Diva Future Tone and I did a cover to demonstrate the module! She looks so good aaaaa ★

finished another old wip UST I gotta release soonish

(it's that song I entirely re-MIDI'd before finding the nearly done melody UST on my PC)

Dance VR Dance by KurageP ★

testing out audio upload with a tuning snippet from my Dance VR Dance cover with Aiko ★

So I covered Bang! a little while ago with Miku in :vocalo_mobile:, but YT refuses to let me post it.

I'll be posting this to YT and Nico when I'm able to do an arrangement of the instrumental so they won't get mad at me lol ★

For now it's on Audiomack:

Myst (ₒ I I ₒ) /'s choices:


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