I still have to get green vinyl for the circuit-y loopy thing on the hood but already the difference between the hoodie I made today and the one I rushed for last year’s Momocon is night and day 😂


I always considered Miku's skirt to be the other kind of pleat tbh

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dumb fashion/clothing question:

is there a specific name for the pleat on the left vs the pleat on the right?

like, when it's folded over in 2 directions rather than 1, if that makes sense?

(this is for cosplay research... I wanna remake Aiko)

I didn't even try to get her but I'm glad, and I appreciate the image is just a screenshot of a pinterest link on google images

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I was taking a "which UTAU are you" quiz for fun and then I got to this question and I

I was searching for sheer/mesh black shirts to see if anything would work with that Luka dress to turn it into very casual cosplay and uh. this isn't exactly what I had in mind google thanks


I've definitely found the weirdest masto bot I've seen yet, not necessarily bc of content but the content combined with the instance

Spent some time moving shit between itabags and my music note bag was empty, I'd been meaning to get a purple window pencil case or clutch or wallet for my Kaoru things but... it's perfect ★

Gonna take some better pics later as I work on my merch shrine neocities pages.

anyone else keeping screenshots of the confusingly political-adjacent twitter trends so we have something to reminisce about when this fuckery is over

Someone started a thread of VocaloP workspaces on birdsite and it looked fun, might as well share here! Maybe we can use the tag ?

fun fact I actually have 2 pets named some variation of "sandwich" on the 2 petsites I still currently play

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