this rank isn’t gonna last long so I’ll enjoy it while I can lmao

Preorders for my first round of chibi vocalsynth charms close TONIGHT! 11:59pm EST!

(Apologies to followers for the self-boost and subsequent new post, but I forgot the original post I made didn’t have the preorder dates!)

“I like this character a normal amount” I told myself before every single itabag I’ve made so far

Missing some incoming luzeni zine merch and I wanna cover the insert with fabric but HECK

Posted these to twt on Friday already, but forgot to do so here as well 😳

Cropped previews of my comic for the luzeni zine!! I’m so excited for this project to finally come to fruition, everyone’s work is incredible!

Zine account:

Preorders for round 1 of my vocalsynth charms are OPEN! Boosts appreciated!

💙 2" tall
💙 rainbow acrylic
💙 epoxy coat
💙 phone strap attachment

Order from my Ko-Fi shop:

Pokémon trailer 

All I care about right now is Miraidon

Game Freak made this one for me and no one else I am claiming it

This set of photos from the con is one of my faves bc the photographer requested a tense luzeni scene and all I could think to do was a lapel grab but I am 5’2” and roommate is like 5’6”

The close up shot vs me on my tippy toes and roommate having to crouch djsjdksdjjfj


Had a blast today at !! Found a good several other cosplayers and got some gifts from the ponytail Lupin: a custom die and stickers!

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