So I've officially crossed the fandom threshold for Lupin III where I know I wanna make a Zenigata ita bag. I just ordered a few pins, but now I'm trying to decide.

Do I get an actual proper vinyl-cover display bag

Or do I get


when you're an utau user but also your vtuber persona is very (very) loosely linked to fae folklore

Streaming and UTAU recording setup pretty much done! I’m so excited to break in my new mic soon.

All items will be cracked glass holo foil!

I'm very pleased with this set, boosts are much appreciated!

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*slides my first non-vocalsynth merch set onto the fediverse*

Available for preorder on my shop!

Item mockups in thread!

Can’t believe I never shared pics of my “new” tablet here which is a shame because it is Extremely Important ™

catch me showing up to kimiuta 2023 with a stack of these bad boys for my booth /hj

don't care it's not hello kitty so it doesn't match completely but I'm probably going with this one

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