people out here building minecraft and yandere sim clones in the span of days/weeks, can we get a web dev with that same raw energy building a deviantart alternative

this post is mostly a joke but also like... of the big dA alt projects, one has remained entirely speculative without any dev work to date, another has been in limbo for like 2 solid years, and a third is suddenly undergoing a major rebranding before development even *begins*

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@MystSaphyr Yes, @ local web dev person, please! Pixiv is a decent alternative, but it just really lacks the community features that DA has.

@RoboCheatsyTM pixiv is fine and dandy until you realize they lock search sorting by popularity behind a 500 yen a month paywall and they still have ads anyway 😭

@MystSaphyr Right??? And they keep replacing illustrations behind a paywall, too. 😔
(Unless DA did that and I don't remember?)

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